WOZ tourney settings

I know WOZ can be a cruel game because of the lack of ball save and 2 tilt warnings per game. Do people alter these for tournaments?

Was considering putting on a ball save as the witch skillshot can be a punishing loss of ball. Really wish hitting it would add a short ball save.

Just ask @hisokajp what settings he used for NW Champs and do the opposite. (Kidding).

Tilt per game IMO.

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Is there not another game to use instead?

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What’s the level of players at the tourney?

This is probably for SCS. Short ball save and change tilt warnings to per ball not per game. And turn virtual locks on so you don’t have to worry about the lock messing up.


Matchplay settings is quite different from a weekend long best game type tournament. At least the game is full of option for you to tweak everything.
As said virtual lock on Emerald and Rescue is a good change.
Taking out center post and making right outlane a bit bigger with tight sligns makes a big difference already.
If you are really worried about duration you can start messing with Toto and TINPLH. Those can eat quite a lot of time (Disabling POP, light and making it hard for TINPLH and make Tota as once per game could be good?).

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I like how these are all things to make the game harder when the opening poster asked how to make it easier


clearly i didn’t read that part :slight_smile:

We had a short ball save on and tilt warning set by game at NWPC, avoid early frustration but with factory settings it is a pretty faire game I would say.

Kids at my place do decent at it since i set it back to factory :wink:

Make tilts per ball and add a ball save. Those are standard changes that I have on at all times on mine. I don’t change those back for tournaments.

If the game is normally brutal, I don’t see why you would be worried that making those two alterations would make it suddenly unworthy for a tournament.

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You mean “tilt warning set per ball” right?

right :wink:

Sorry haven’t responded, been off the grid.

The game is being used for SCS. My intent isn’t necessarily about making it easier as it is about setting it up as it is normally seen set up for other tournaments. Virtual locks make sense and will use that although I do like the lock stealing potential with Rescue.

Thanks for the input.

Whatever you do with the tilt settings, you should advertise it to players beforehand, perhaps as a card on the backglass or something so no one is guessing “how is this JJP machine set up today.”

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Yeah no matter what put a card on it with the settings you went with. Do that for all the games.

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What do you use for a ball save? I really just want to prevent a skill shot to the witch to drain suddenly with the player losing their ball.

Mine is just set up like normal games in my location, so probably somewhere on the lower end of the 5-10 second range.

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Someone needs to represent the tilt-per-game side. It is so much better. It adds so much more strategy, prevents needless shoving / waiting for tilt to settle. It frustrates me that we cannot just let the game be played as intended here.


I usually play it as is, but I don’t play in many tournaments which is why I was asking here. The one tweak I would make would be a short ball save after hitting the witch as a skillshot, similar to Maiden, but that isn’t offered.

I agree with @gammagoat, leave the factory tilt warnings as is. It’s unique to JJP and I like how it makes you think differently. As others have mentioned, just label it so people know.

Not needed, IMO, though I’d still probably do it. Available in Instant Info before you ever plunge your first ball.

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