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Pat Lawlor’s second machine for Jersey Jack Pinball is themed after the original film adaptation of one of Roald Dahl’s most famous stories, about a quirky businessman who runs a chocolate factory powered by pure imagination. Anything can happen here, so expect the unexpected on your quest to obtain 5 Golden Tickets and reach the final wizard mode.

Rules Overview:

  • Shoot the saucer to start Factory Tour modes. Right ramp, either orbit, or the captive ball qualifies modes if they aren’t already lit.
  • Shoot the Gobstopper target and lock 3 balls to start Gobstopper Multiball. Shoot the ramps for jackpots then the Gobstopper for super jackpot.
  • Completing certain tasks during the game lights the left target for Kid Multiball. The more kids qualified or completed before starting it, the better.
  • Super Locks carry over between games and are collected at the spinner. Collect 3 Super Locks to start Wonkavator Multiball.
  • Shoot the ramps to score Wonka Bars and light the Computer Award at the saucer. Shoot the upper standup target to toggle the lit award.
  • Shoot left-to-right ramp combos to light the captive ball for a mystery award.


Skill Shots:

There are four Skill Shots on this machine.

  • A soft plunge into the saucer awards points, 1 WONKA letter, and increments the Candy Jar by 1.
  • A soft plunge to the upper flipper followed by a shot up the center ramp scores points, lights the Computer Award, and increments the Candy Jar by 5.
  • Super Skill Shot: Hold the left flipper, soft plunge to the upper flipper, then shoot the center ramp followed by the saucer. This scores points, qualifies the Computer Award, increments all of the Factory Tour modes by +1 shot, increments the Candy Jar by 10, and increases the Bonus Multiplier by +1x. Just remember that plunging too far into the saucer or the side loop means you get nothing!
  • Super Secret Skill Shot: Hold the left flipper and soft plunge to the upper right flipper. Then combo the upper/center ramp, the right ramp, the left ramp, and the TV saucer, in that order. This awards +2 Computer Award, +3 Factory Advance, +25 Candy Bar, +2 Bonus X, and 80,000 points (Video at 21:45).

Golden Tickets:

The main objective of Wonka is to complete 5 tasks and score Golden Tickets to start wizard modes. Each Golden Ticket corresponds to a different task and most tasks can be progressed towards while others are running.

Factory Tour Modes:

There are three types of Factory Tour modes that can be started at the saucer, each qualified at a different shot and each corresponding to a different colored border on the playfield. One Factory Tour mode of each type can be lit at the saucer at a time. Starting one mode of each type also lights the spinner for Super Lock. Start all 12 modes to collect the Factory Tour Golden Ticket.

  • Blue Modes: These are the typical timed modes, lit by shooting the right ramp to add letters to WONKA (3 letters are spotted at the start of the game, minus 1 for each blue mode played). WONKA letters can also be added through certain skill shots or by rolling through the inner left inlane and shooting the factory target on a hurry-up timer, to instantly collect all WONKA letters. The lit mode can be changed by shooting the right ramp or factory target when one is lit, and time can be added during any mode by shooting the factory target after a shot has been made.
    • Welcome to the Factory: Shoot the flashing blue shots in this order: GUM targets, right ramp, GUM targets, right ramp, left ramp. The values for each shot become bigger after each successful shot and the sequence repeats after the left ramp, allowing big points to be scored.
    • Inventing Room: Shoot enough lit ramp shots to light and increase jackpot at center camera ramp. The jackpot value increases more and more each time it has been collected.
    • Fizzy Lifting Drink Room: Advance through the room by shooting the left ramp to complete the first level, then make shots to the spinner and bumpers to advance through further levels. Upon reaching level 5, the final shot will be a hurry-up at the Most Secret Machine. Start this mode to qualify Charlie, and complete this mode to collect Charlie.
    • Golden Egg Room: Shoot the flashing green shots for good eggs, while avoiding the red shots which will award bad eggs and reduce the scoring for the mode. The final shot in this mode will be the Most Secret Machine (flashing both green and red) for the mode total. Start this mode to qualify Veruca, and make the final shot to collect Veruca.
  • Purple Modes: These are timed Super X playfield multipliers that last for 30 seconds each and apply to all scoring. Shoot the left orbit or right orbit (first 2 Super X only) to light Super X, and keep shooting them to change the lit Super X value.
    • Super X 2x
    • Super X 3x
    • Super X 4x
    • Super X 5x
  • Orange Modes: These are awards or other features that can only be collected by shooting the captive ball, then toggled with further shots to the captive ball.
    • Super Spinner: For 30 seconds, all spinner hits score a Wonka Bar. Super Spinner can also be lit for a single spinner rip by shooting the left target followed by the spinner, even if Super Spinner isn’t currently running.
    • 2x Wonka Bars: For 30 seconds, all ramp shots (or other methods) collect two times the amount of Wonka Bars they would otherwise.
    • Collect Bonus: Collects the current end-of-ball bonus, multiplied by the bonus X and any ongoing Super X.
    • Slugworth Multiball: Quick 2-ball multiball. Shoot the ramps to light the captive ball for a hurry-up Jackpot award. Every successful captive ball hit will continue to add to the jackpot value, which resets to its base value if it has been missed. The base value increases with each jackpot to prevent fully resetting.

Gobstopper Multiball:

Shoot the target blocking the Most Secret Machine to increase the Bonus Multiplier and open up the hole to lock a ball. Only one hit to the target is needed for per lock for the first Multiball on default settings, increasing by one each time. Balls that enter the lock hole will be deposited into the plunger lane. Virtually lock 3 balls to start the Multiball.

During Gobstopper Multiball, each shot up the left and right ramp will score a Jackpot, and the center ramp will score a Double Jackpot (and count two Jackpots towards the Gobstopper Jackpot progression). Hits to the Most Secret Machine will also increase the Jackpot value by a small amount. After collecting 3 Jackpots at the ramps, the hole in front of the Most Secret Machine will light to collect a Gobstopper Jackpot, worth 5x the value of a normal Jackpot. Collecting five Gobstopper Jackpots - one for each Kid - will award the Golden Ticket for Gobstopper Multiball.

Balls can be added by shooting the factory target.

If the player has a terrible Gobstopper Multiball (barely any Jackpots scored), the hole in front of the Most Secret Machine will light for about 20 seconds to restart the Multiball with two balls in play.

Kid Multiball:

There are 5 kids to qualify and collect throughout the game, and each kid adds a ball to the Multiball if qualified & increases the jackpot multiplier for all jackpot lanes corresponding to collected kids by +1x if collected. Once a kid has been qualified or collected, shoot the captive ball when lit for “Collect Kid” to light Kid Multiball at the left target. Kid Multiball deactivates if the player drains when it is lit, though it remains lit between balls if all 5 kids have been qualified. Each Kid also has their own jackpot lane during the multiball, listed below.

  • Charlie: Qualify Charlie by starting the Fizzy Lifting Drink Room Factory Tour mode, and collect him by finishing said mode. Lights jackpots at the right ramp.
  • Augustus: Collect 30 spins at the spinner (50 spins later on) to qualify Augustus and begin a 30-second timer. During this time limit, shoot the right ramp followed by the left orbit (a prior left ramp shot is required for further attempts) to collect some points and collect Augustus. Lights jackpots at the left orbit and spinner.
  • Veruca: Veruca can be qualified by starting the Golden Egg Room Factory Tour mode, and can be collected by finishing the mode. Lights jackpots at the left ramp.
  • Violet: Complete the GUM targets to light the kickback, qualify Violet, and begin a hurry-up timer. Shoot any of the GUM targets to score the hurry-up value and complete Violet. The left and center ramps will divert to the upper flipper during this mode for an easy shot to the targets. Lights jackpots at the GUM targets.
  • Mike: Complete the three teal shots surrounding the Wonkavision display - right orbit, saucer, and then the center ramp, in that order - to qualify Mike and begin a 30 second timer where 3 more cyan shots will light (4 for further attempts). Finishing the required lit shots will complete Mike. Lights jackpots at the right orbit.

During Kid Multiball, all qualified kid jackpot lanes are lit; if kids have been collected, these jackpots multiplied by up to +1x for each collected kid, though they can only be collected at their corresponding lanes. The center ramp is constantly lit to score a double jackpot (also subject to the multiplier), and collecting 5 jackpots lights the left lane for a Super Jackpot (also subject to the multiplier!). Collect one jackpot of each type to score the Kid Multiball Golden Ticket.

Wonkavator Multiball & Super Locks:

Completing certain tasks during the game lights the spinner for Super Lock. Super Locks are maintained between games on default settings, meaning a player who scores the third Super Lock - at any time - can start Wonkavator Multiball. Super Locks can be lit by:

After locking 3 balls in the elevator, virtually on SE or physically on LE / CE, Wonkavator Multiball begins. The multiball is split into 3 different phases, and the Super Jackpot must be won during each to score the Wonkavator Multiball Golden Ticket.

  • Wave 1: All major shots in the game light blue/yellow for Jackpot awards. The same shot can be made more than once to make progress towards qualifying the Super Jackpot award. After 6 Jackpots have been collected, the Gobstopper target will begin flashing. The target has to be hit once in order to open the lock. Once all balls except for one have been locked, the spinner will light for a Super Jackpot multiplied by the number of balls that have been locked.
  • Wave 2: Starts off the same way as the first wave, except each Jackpot shot can only be made once. Five Jackpots are required to qualify the Super.
  • Wave 3: Jackpots can only be collected on a roving shot. After each Jackpot, the captive ball must be hit to light the next Jackpot. Five Jackpots are required to qualify the Super.

Gumball Machine:

Various tasks throughout the game - many not done on purpose - will count as achievements and award you gumballs from the Gumball Machine. A Golden Ticket will be hidden randomly in the Gumball Machine, meaning it could either be a gimme at the start of the game or a really difficult task a player has to go for on purpose. Achievements score various point values which vary depending on the difficulty of the achievement.

Wizard Modes:

After collecting Golden Tickets, one of the game’s major shots lights to start a wizard mode, played in the following order. Wizard modes are mutually exclusive and take priority over all other features once started.

  • Oompa-Loompa Odyssey: This mode is qualified at the center loop after one Golden Ticket has been collected and no other modes are running. The display will use a camera to show the player’s face and all shots on the playfield will be flashing green and orange for Jackpots. Once a Jackpot has been collected, shooting the same shot again will award a smaller value and will not count as a unique jackpot. Collecting 10 unique Jackpots during the mode will qualify the Super Jackpot at any roving shot. Score the Super Jackpot to add a ball and re-light all major shots for Jackpots.
  • Wonka’s Office: This mode is qualified at the saucer after two Golden Tickets have been collected and no other modes are in progress. This mode is played by alternating left to right shots as directed by the game lights and audio. The mode can be finished in as little as 3 shots, but can be extended by not hitting the finishing jackpot shot, and instead locking a ball in the Gobstopper. This will increase the final jackpot’s value, and a new 3 shot sequence will begin. The mode finishes when you drain, or collect the final jackpot shot.
  • Candy Stash: Awarded after collecting 3 golden tickets. This simply awards +100 Wonka Bars and +50 Candy Jar.
  • The Most Secret Machine: Qualified after 4 Golden Tickets, this wizard mode is started at the Gobstopper hole. This is a 60 second unlimited ball mode where the goal is to keep shooting balls back into the Gobstopper hole for an increasing value. The more shots you make, the more the most secret machine moves around making the shot harder! Each jackpot will also light another shot around the playfield for a smaller award and light the captive ball for more time. Once the timer reaches 0, the ball save expires and you enter sudden death. No more time can be added but the hole and other shots still score. The mode ends once only one ball is in play.
  • Pure Imagination: Final wizard mode, lit at the saucer after collecting all 5 Golden Tickets. Appears to be a 4-ball Multiball with no timer and limited ballsave, ending when only one ball is in play. Switches score big points and add those points to the jackpot values; only one is lit at a time, and each one starts at 20,000 points. Mode starts at “Level 1”, shooting a certain number of jackpots increases the level. Effect of higher levels is not known (but it probably increases the switch value). The starting level is adjustable, as is a requirement to collect jackpots from all shots before any one can be collected a second time.

Other Scoring:

Wonka Bars & Ransom:

Wonka Bars contribute to end-of-ball bonus and qualify the Computer Award at certain thresholds. Shooting the left ramp will award 1 Wonka Bar, shooting the right ramp will collect 2 Wonka Bars, and shooting the center ramp will collect 3 Wonka Bars. The numbers in front of the left lane correspond to the number of Wonka Bars that you’ve collected.

At certain thresholds of Wonka Bars, the Bonus (and thus, the number of Wonka Bars) will be held. These thresholds are called Golden Bonus Levels and are, on default settings: 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 300, and 400 Wonka Bars.

After scoring 200 Wonka Bars, Wonka Bar Ransom is active for the rest of the ball. Shoot the roving ramp shot to score points and add those points to the value collected for each lit ramp during the Ransom. The mode ends, and the player can return to collecting Wonka Bars as normal, once the ball drains.

Computer Awards:

Collecting (5 + 1 per award) Wonka Bars, or making a skill shot up the center ramp, will qualify the saucer to collect a Computer Award. Shoot the standup target to the right of the center ramp to change the lit Computer Award. Certain Computer Awards can only be started after enough have been qualified by progressing through the game.

  • Computer Ticket Modes: These modes are typically accessed later in the game than lower-priority awards. All four of these modes share the same timer, which means if you start another Computer Ticket mode while one is already active, the timer will reset.
    • The Candy Man: Shoot the standup targets for big points determined by the current Candy Jar value. After enough targets are scored, a jackpot is lit at the right orbit. Collect the jackpot to relight the targets.
    • Wonka Bar Craze: Shoot the three ramps for big points determined by the number of collected Wonka Bars. Once all 3 ramps have been made, shoot the roving ramp shot to score a jackpot and relight the ramps.
    • Dots, Dots, Dots!: Shoot the captive ball for a value determined by the number lit in front of the captive ball. After enough captive ball hits, shoot the center ramp to score a jackpot subject to the same rules and relight the captive ball.
    • Unlimited Kickback: All loops are worth big points and the left outlane kickback will remain lit until the Computer Award timer runs out (along with scoring the loop value).
  • Small Points
  • Medium Points
  • Big Points
  • Add Tilt Warning
  • Light Super Lock (all 3!)
  • Light Special (at both outlanes)
  • Super Jets (all bumper hits score more points than usual)
  • Advance Candy Jar (+10)
  • Increment Captive Ball (+1)
  • Hold Bonus X
  • 15 Second Ball Saver
  • Light Extra Ball

Captive Ball Mystery:

Shoot ramps to increase the number in front of the captive ball, which reduces if enough time passes without any ramp shots, then shoot the captive ball when “?” is lit to collect a mystery award. For further mystery awards, combo shots must be made to the two ramps to advance the captive ball. The center ramp permanently advances the captive ball by +1 when shot. Mystery awards are:

  • Light Super Lock (1 lock only)
  • Light Extra Ball
  • World Record Gum Chewing (timed mode, hit the GUM targets as much as possible)
  • Wonkatania Mania (timed mode, game freaks out, shoot the ramps to collect big points and shoot orbits to increase them)
  • Big Points
  • Oompa-Loompa Hurry-Up (picks a random shot for a quick hurry-up award)
  • Store Room Combo Challenge (collect all of the materials in the store room with successful combo shots - right ramp - left loop - center ramp - inner loop)
  • Wonka Wash Frenzy (timed mode, all switches score 500 points for 20 seconds)

Scrumdidilyumptious Combo:

Shooting combo shots will add letters to “Scrumdidilyumptious”, shown at the top left of the display. Cash out the combo with a shot to the Most Secret Machine. The number of letters when the combo was collected determines how much the value for the next combo increases - completing the full word gives a substantial increase to the current combo and future build up.

Standup Target Awards:

Collecting enough hits to the standup targets scattered throughout the playfield collects an award:

  • 3 target completions lights Extra Ball
  • X target completions lights kickback

Candy Jar:

Add Candy to the Jar through successful skill shots, completing the two outer inlanes which cycle with the flipper buttons, or through certain other awards. The more Candy is in the Jar, the more points the spinner is worth (regular spins and super spinner).

Extra Balls:

Extra balls can be lit at the saucer through:

End-of-Ball Bonus:

Bonus is simply calculated by awarding 500 points per Wonka Bar, times the Bonus Multiplier. The end-of-ball bonus can be scored during a ball, with any applicable multipliers, through the Collect Bonus Factory Tour mode.


Could someone make this rule sheet free to edit?

Yep, Wikified, have at it :slight_smile:

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New to JJP games, so not sure if this is something that happens in all the JJP games or not, but we were supposed to setup a 2-player game and the first player only pressed start one time. When they got to ball 3 we realized it was only 1-player. Held in the start button, and it added player 2, with 3 balls. Pretty crazy!

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It’s normal for now if the game is set to balls in reserve and game restart is turned off (both are default). If restart is on slow, then the game will restart if the button is held in regardless of number of balls played.

The plan is that players won’t be addable after someone gets to their last ball, but that’s not in there yet.

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I thought this was a neat feature when I saw it recently on Pirates, and I guess it will work well for location games on coin-play.

However I’m thinking now it’s a bit of a gamble if you come across these games on free play. Will holding the start button add a new player or reset your game… Only one way to find out :smile:

Well if you just press it it’ll add a player. There’s no reason to HOLD the button unless you really intend to restart it.


Made some adjustments to clarify a few things. Did not fix the entire wiki though


Ahh, that makes sense now. Thanks.

As an aside - I head a great tale about a location game of Pirates where player 1 completed their game with a score good enough to get their name in, then walked off with a smug smile.

Then the other two players who joined the game late managed to plunder player 1’s score down to zero :laughing:


@PinballKatz if you combine Super Spinner with Super X (let’s say SuperX 3x), will it collect 3 Wonka Bars per spin during the time when these two things run concurrently?

Super x will only effect scoring for super spinner right now not bars collected. edit recalling a conversation we had at one time regarding this exact situation and we deemed it to powerful.


I see that bonus X can be increased with shots to light lock and with the super skill shot. Any other ways?

Gobstopper target hits, Super Skill Shot, and the target rule that gives extra ball also eventually will give bonus x increase but its the least likely to give it to you since its the last award.

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Thanks for confirming!

Can we still ramp out on this for big bonus, or has that been changed?

Nothing has changed. Shoot ramps until your face turns violet. Even better if you can build up those wonka bars and bonus x and cash in on collect bonus with a super x running too



Is there a setting to increase/decrease the ball save time for MB’s? I can’t seem to find one.

There is no adjustment for that.


that is too bad, handy settings to have in case needed for tournaments.

Even EVEN better if you weave your Computer awards you’re getting by collecting Wonka Bars! Don’t underestimate the shot for sure.

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