Will IFPA 17 (and pre-tournaments) count toward Florida's SCS?

Hi all, but especially Josh. I just thought of something that I have not heard explicitly addressed before and which I cannot find online. This year, IFPA 17 will be in Florida. Florida already hosts Free Play Florida, which draws competitors from around the country and counts toward Florida’s SCS totals. (Bob Matthews qualified for Florida’s SCS based solely on his attendance there.) But most tournaments in Florida do not generate nearly the point strength of Free Play, due to the fact we have fewer and many casual players.

So, using this precedent, there may be tournaments held during the week leading up to IFPA 17 geared mainly toward the participants, and there will also be the IFPA 17 itself. Are those points in all those events going to count toward Florida’s SCS? Wouldn’t this be a bit out of character for what SCS is all about, which is finding the best players playing against locals in a state?

Counting all of those points is going to skew Florida’s SCS stats incredibly. In fact, it is theoretically possible that all those players might be able to come back and play their own Florida SCS without any of us! :frowning_face:

What is going to become of these points? (Please let’s not open the Pandora’s Box of why SCS Championship points count for the following year, etc. I really just want to know the fate of the points of my fellow Floridians!)

Yes, all those points will count toward Florida qualifying. It’s highly doubtful that your state finals will be overrun by traveling pros, but your prize pool will get a little boost!


Yes. They count.

You’re overly concerned about the SCS being invaded. Plenty of states end up with lots of out of staters qualifying. Rarely do more than one or two of those, if any at all, show up for SCS.

Also, you’ve got Eric Stone, so it’s not like anyone in their right mind would decide that Florida is easy pickings.


The paraphrase what @pinwizj has said many times before:

The IFPA is uninterested in having an SCS Finals comprised of the best available players who happen to live in {yourState}.

The IFPA is interested in having an SCS Finals comprised of the best available players (from anywhere) who played the best in {yourState} in a given year.

Colorado hosted IFPA-11 six years ago (the week that Jorian Engelbreksston accumulated the most WPPRs in a month ever… until Colin Urban beat that total this past summer Down in Brisbane, Australia…), and while sending out the invites for SCS finals that year was a royal pain in the ass, LOL, we had a total of zero out-of-state competitors in our finals. What did happen, though, was that a shit ton of local players got to mix it up with many of the very best players in the whole world for a week and still have memories that will last forever of beating, or almost beating (or getting destroyed, lol) by a {topRankedPlayer}. YMMV


TLDR: If you can’t take the heat, secede. :smiley:


Yes, they will count.

The beauty is it counts for out of state players and Florida players, meaning any of the Florida players who play in any of the anticipated pre-IFPA tourneys are going to get a nice boost. The higher ranked players will increase the value of each event, similar to what happens at FPF.

@Normaj: This year in Florida marked the first time in 7 SCS events that an out of state player participated in the Florida SCS. I honestly don’t think that is the start of some trend of out of state players. Also, the first 11 players on the roster were all in state players due to the amount of points accumulated at high value events during the year. That’s a good sign for Florida.

I’m looking forward to getting to play with people I almost never get to compete against. The last time I had the chance was when Atticus went to Colorado for the first Nationals and that was also IFPA week. There were a couple of strikes events that were a lot of fun.

Safe travels. May will be here soon. :slight_smile:

But the thing both statements miss is that PLAYOFFS both in sate (FROM LAST YEAR) and winners of other states should not count to that one state / year.

As for stuff like Stern Pro Circuit finals / papa circuit finals should count differently / not count to just the one state they happen to be in full.

Does an multi state league count in full for just the state the finals happen to be in.

qualifying for the IFPA is based on an X year look back so that puts into an differnt area as well.

This. Enjoy!

Seems that only events designated as “open” should be considered for SCS aka not IFPA, National Championship, SCS Final, etc.


well that is an venue thing not really an IFPA qualifying limit

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Yes. It used to be that if you held sessions in various states that the points would count in each state. Not no mo

Thanks for the answer on the Florida points question.

The rest of you can happily play with “Pandora’s Box of Points”! (My advice: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.)

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I agree with this.

WPPR Rules includes the line: “Only open tournaments are included in the WPPR system. However, depending on circumstances, exceptions can be made.”

I think a lot of tournaments that are “closed” probably get included because they are “open” in that the qualifying tournaments for the “closed” tournament were open.

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When I say open, I’m referring to @pinwizj definition in this post.

So under that stern pro, IFPA, National Championship, etc Should not get full points as it’s own event for just that one state.
As for State finales it’s the idea of PLAYOFFS for last year count for this year.

Not apples to apples. The sessions that lead to a league finals do not award WPPRs on their own. The other finals you mention do. They all are their own events submitted separately. So wherever each of the circuit events are held, the states get those points. Including where the circuit finals are at.

I also don’t understand what you mean here.

The series finals meet this definition as well.

“Our definition of an “Open Tournament” is whether every player that wants to participate has an equal opportunity to do just that.”

If you can tell me what players don’t have an opportunity to compete in the 2021 Stern Pro Circuit Final, IFPA18 World Championship, 2021 NACS activity, then we can consider updating our definition.

Right now the qualifying opportunities are available for anyone that’s interested for all of these campaigns.


Suppressed players are not permitted to play :slight_smile: