When Do Pinburgh Results Get Posted?

I do understand 998 players is a bunch of players to verify name spellings and IFPA IDs for.

How long does it usually take after Pinburgh for IFPA results to post?

I don’t have any info on this, but I would suggest starting with the assumption it will take the entire 60 window the IFPA allows and then be pleasantly surprised if it happens faster than that.


Doug posted on Pinside that hopefully they’ll be posted next week.


How long has it taken in the past?

It’s been 2 weeks+ since the Doug post.


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Yes, and almost everybody who’s played at all since then will see their WPPRs change since all post-Pinburgh events get re-valued. So don’t be surprised when that happens even if you didn’t go to Pinburgh.


Pinburgh payouts going out today, check your ewallet. Soon now probably.

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From Doug on 9/17:

Final results have been submitted to IFPA for Pinburgh.

With the 1k participants, people putting in the wrong IFPA number, spelling their own names wrong, leaving off modifiers (USA), the way the IFPA system handles ties, finals software having issues… there are a lot of reasons why an event of this size takes a longer than the average event.

I actually got so frustrated with the way the IFPA records ties I just fixed everything else and sent the results to Josh in a spreadsheet.

I appreciate everyone’s patience. Believe me, I try to make improvements to this every year. This is also a pain point for me!


After looking at the spreadsheet I vomited and sent it back to Doug :slight_smile:


Ah so josh is the bad guy got it

So… I can stop hitting F5 every three minutes tonight…? :joy:

As usual, it takes a woman to come in and fix it. So I did. I’d expect Doug to try submitting them again in the next day or so.


Why not crowd source the results next year? Put a spreadsheet online for everyone to check before sending it to ifpa.

Seems like the ipfa numbers and name errors could be automatically flagged at least using the ifpa api.


isn’t the tie numbering just average of tied player position? Can’t remember since Matchplay does it all nowadays :smiley:

Yes, by posting it, while you wouldn’t get all the fixes, you probably would get a really high percentage, making the remainder much more manageable. As for the spreadsheet part, I can handle those pretty easily, be glad to take that off your hands.

Even better idea: PAPA posted the player list online months before the event, including both name and player number, How about checking the list then? Have the players verify their names and numbers. Have someone cross-check the list with IFPA database at that time. Add the player numbers in to the also-posted wait list and you should be able to get everyone figured out before play even starts. Then it’s just a matter of tallying the results once play ends. Yes, there could still be a few glitches, or a few people who fail to check themselves, but the PAPA / IFPA staff work goes way down.

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You could add a field for IFPA# to the process of buying the entry in the first place. Even if you keep it optional, you’d still get most IFPA numbers that way.

This must be possible, since the Intergalactic Tournament signup had an IFPA# field. Just the Pinburgh signup didn’t.

And, as Bob said, post the list ahead of time and ask for a volunteer to vet it. Minimize the extra work you have to do. You’re doing so much already. Plenty of folks would help.

Lastly, you could save time by pre-populating Keith’s name in the #1 slot for Pinburgh 2020, if you want.


They did that this year and the ifpa site crashed as people frantically tired to look up their player ID!


It’s so difficult to get in that I would be reluctant to leave the page where you purchase tickets to look up my IFPA number. That sounds like the exact time my browser would choose to crash.

At time of signup the instructions were if you want WPPRs you need to provide your IFPA number. This was also known well in advance, so you could have written it on a post-it note well ahead of signup time.


It also led to a ton of people making up numbers, which led to us fixing a lot of numbers later.

First we have to compile the list of winners. Then we have to double check it, and as Doug said, issues with finals software complicated that. Next, tiebreakers. If two people tie for second, IFPA says they tied for third. Fix that for 1000 people. After that, the file had an encoding issue so the website choked on it.

We will absolutely look in to ways to have more people help out - and we really appreciate the offers - but it’s not as easy as people think.