What machines can you get multiball - without losing control

What games, from the plunge can you get the multiball, without ever being in danger of losing the ball on the FIRST ball?

I don’t mean things like:
WH20 - if you short plunge you can ricochet of both stand-ups to light lock and then into the lock. That requires more luck than skill, as it can’t be repeated every single time. I also don’t mean games which can guarantee a certain VUK feed, or holding the flipper up will transfer the ball to the other flipper; as these are all specific machine set-up dependant. I’m also discounting pity multi-balls on last ball.

This obviously discounts any games where the first shot from the plunge feeds into bumpers, or must be made on the fly, or needs a catch of some kind.

However- WH20 Whirlpool would count as hit the upper ramp to light mode-feeds to left flipper, hit centre shot to get ball back up to upper playfield and then start mode from upper, upper ramp.

The only other examples I can think of are:

Scared Stiff - Short plunge into scoop, gives feed to right flipper, shoot left ramp to light lock, then left loop to lock ball. Repeat 3 times for MB.

LotR - Plunge to tower, feeds to left flipper. Alternate right and left ramp to light K-E-E-P letters lighting locking at right ramp.

WPT - shoot for AITH lock. If lock qualifies without draining from upper playfield lock ball, then hit captive ball to start. If ball drains down to right flipper, shoot left ramp and right ramp (or shoot VUK) to get back to upper playfield and continue.

Dialed In - Hard plunge to right ramp (or to skill shot and side ramp) alternate ramps to light lock, shoot theatre, then side ramp to lock ball. Repeat for 2nd lock, Then shoot phone for MB.

Indy 500 - Shoot left loop, feeds to upper flipper shoot lock. Repeat twice

Shadow - Alternate ramps to light KHAN, then left loop, upper flipper into KHAN lock

T3, Alternate ramps to keep lighting Command Centre, when all 6 are lit shoot left loop to collect. 6th one is Assault!

Champion Pub? - Select the door award lock award from skill shot 3 consecutive times - awards 3 locks. Every time?

Just as interesting - How many of those above have you managed?
I’ve done SS, WH20, WPT & I500.

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Not every time, the ball can fall of the wire form or bounce out of the shire, a clean feed to the left flipper on LOTR is never a sure thing. Also any LOTR worth it’s salt is going to have TTT MB on extra hard settings so that won’t work.

If I remember correctly you need to start a mode first


Bride of Pinbot - Catch as it exits the pops (only works 100% of the time if the one-way gate is in place), hit the left ramp, repeat until multiball.

Spider-Man - Plunge (or short plunge), hit the Venom ramp, shoot the Doc Ock shot. Trap, backhand the Doc Ock shot.

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Not sure you can really claim to be ‘in control’ when recovering from the Tyrell shot, but a favorite of mine is GOT:

Soft plunge, bounce pass to the left flipper, then light your first lock off Tyrell. Trap/lock if you can cleanly, or throw it away and use PF validation to put it back in the shooter lane. Beat the auto-plunger to a short plunge after each lock, and enjoy Blackwater all day long.


Well if you are gonna bring PF validation into it you could make an argument for Jackbot as well :slight_smile:

I think for DMDs, the list of games which require an out of control shot would be shorter. :grinning:


Sopranos stugots multiball is safe.

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Warp 9.9 on ST.
Combo multiball on Spiderman. Only 51 controlled shots, no problem right?


Wall Multiball from GoT too, assuming the feed from the right is fine.

TZ, assuming a scoop feed that bounces cleanly to the left.

Spring Break and Goin’ Nuts…I’ll see myself out.


Demolition Man

Surf 'n Safari (if not modded properly)

Attack From Mars and Medieval Madness are both possible too. You super skill shot into a trap, transfer, and hit the lock. Trap, transfer, lock. I’ll do this if I have had terrible balls one and two and am behind in competition and just need some desperate points and don’t trust my ability to chain a few castles or saucers together on a single ball.

Not sure how DM works as don’t you need to light the MTL rollovers to light the claw?

A more “in control” version would be after first Doc Ock hit the left ramp to give a feed back to right flipper and shoot Doc again

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I think Avengers is probably possible as well, combining ramps to light L-O-K-I rollovers to light lock, but not sure

Yes, but you don’t need the claw to start multiball. Also, the claw starts lit with default settings anyhow.

Yeah, just plunge->underground->left ramp->right ramp->if claw enabled+lit then lock freeze otherwise left orbit

Does passing a ball over count?
Black Knight, if locks not on hard: just hold right flipper as you plunge, and shoot lock, 3x
Black Rose: short plunge to flipper, hit right ramp 4x, then pass over and shoot lock.
Stargate (skillshot)?
Big Guns assuming you can catch off the plunge
Funhouse, I guess? Just keep going ramp->scoop to light your locks
AC/DC again assuming you can catch off the super skill

I reread your initial post and I can see that you meant this list to be more restrictive. I guess you’d have to disallow bounce passing and live catching (since you really can’t know for sure that a feed that requires either of those will necessarily be consistent)?

Theater of Magic is a good one (as you can backhand the center ramp on the fly from the plunge), loop center ramp, and lock a ball. From there you fire the next plunge into the lock. Third plunge goes at the crate to start.

Stargate and freddy. First skill shot is a two ball multiball

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