What are your initials, why?


Usually I use the ones my mom wrote on the back of my undies before shipping me off to cub scout camp. If I’m at a league location, I might leave IBL behind to represent the Iron Bullies.


Bowden’s are SSB for GCs and FWB for other scores (I think)

I’ve always translated SSB in my head to (Francesco Voice) Super Steve Bowden


I really need to join a pinball gang so I can feel the comradery of tagging a rival gangs turf. Maybe I can convince the Canadian pinball community to start tagging machines outside of Canada with EH.


If I put up a respectable score - “DDD”. “D” is my first initial, and it’s simply faster for me to just keep mashing start. My tendency to overnudge has unofficially branded “DD” as “double danger”, but I maintain that it officially has no particular meaning. If there’s 10-letter scores, I’ll try to work “DDD” into some game-related pun.

If I get on the high score board with a crappy score (say, the high scores just reset) - probably just POO or SHT. :slight_smile:


I saw my sister put ACE as her initials on a game when I was probably 9 or 10. Mid 1980s. I thought that was cool, so I started doing it. Now it’s kinda embarrassing. I did see an ACE on a KISS in Chicago once at HQ. I got the HS right next to the other ACE which was also interesting. So I am not the only one using ACE. Recently I got a HS I didn’t deserve and put in WUT. And at pinburgh I put NKY on Sopranos in honor of the NKY pinball league. Also ACE is SUPER easy to enter.


A B, cause its ma name and real simple and fast to put in.


HAX - I didn’t like my initials all that much and I was a hacker growing up so I decided to go with that.


COL for GC’s – I don’t recall why I used that instead of CM or CMM as a kid.

For other high scores, or for getting my initials up outside of Austin, I’ll put up DSD (Death Save Disciples) or BCP (Bat City Pinball).


One of my friends uses the initials DMC (his first initial and Mc first 2 letters of last name). I always thought of it was a delorean reference (of course and his name). One night we were playing BTTF in league and I went up and asked if he was excited to be playing the DMC machine. He looked at my blankly. I explained the car company and pointed out the targets on the machine. Nope, it was never a nod to BTTF.


DAM…because that’s my initials. :slight_smile:


I usually type whomever I steal the grand champ from’s initials backwards.

If I used any buy-ins, I will type he’s.


Could you gaslight someone by putting in their initials?

I hope I get to use my initials as an alibi one day.


LAW. Because name. Because word. English?

Also as @Snailman said, BCP when rolling outside Austin, a few guys here do it I think. DSD if I used death saves or bang-backs to earn the spot.


SWL (Specials When Lit) because I am/get SPECIAL When Lit.
Other initials used when 10+ letters are available:



If I’m in league play I put in EXB (my team is called extra ballsy) but if it’s just me, I go with BLU which is short for bluecontinental (i use the same username on most sites/social media)


My actual initials are EBG but I put in EDG because my first name is Ed, my last name begins with a G, and I started using EDGY in Halo for my over-the-avatar clan/player tag because it’s pronouncable.

‘EDG’ can be pronounced ‘Edgy’; having a pronouncable 3 or 4 letter initial / tag in a game like Halo makes it easier for random people who you’ve been partied up / grouped with to call you out (Hey Edgy, guy went to your left) instead of RH34 or something that takes too long too say and by that time you’re bapped.


TSR are my initials and on video games they were always fun to put in because they were adjacent so could really pop them in, that carried over to pinball. I did play D and D but I am not affiliated with them in any way.


POO is my goto for a high score if it just reset as well. I have nothing to be proud of scoring 57,000,000 on GB!


James Daryl Swain Jr


If it’s 10 letter then I always put PAPA CHAMP. Not because I am, but because that is what I aspire to be. If it’s 3 letter then I almost always use KME. I figure he always puts someone else’s initials so I’m gonna put up his. Every once in a while I’ll put up my own initials, JCW.