What are your initials, why?

What do you enter for your initials, and why? I use my full name’s initials, which happens to be decently distinct, so I’ve become attached to it. (EEL) I’ve seen some videos of world class players entering their children’s initials in honor of their existence… some use their first or last name… others, a nickname/persona/moniker. The reasons vary, some can be very personal, or as simple as mine. What do you enter for your initials, and why? Are there anyone else’s initials that stick out in your mind?

There are waaaay too many "BOB"s out there, so I wanted something more distinctive. Bob Math Use has been my online persona [“I am it and I do it”] and nickname since about 1981, so I went with that for my initials. [For the three of you who didn’t already know that.]

On occasion, I’ll put in NES instead - - I’m one of many people who pay tribute to Neil Shatz.


So I learned this from someone at some point, but for us in the Northern Kentucky league, if we are anywhere but Northern Kentucky our initials are NKY. No matter who it is abroad, we all are NKY. Then in northern Kentucky we use our standard initials.

Mine are ERW (Erik Robert Wurtenberger)

Chuckwurt if 10 characters.

Chuck Wurt is a combination of a high school nickname “Chuck” and a family nickname “Wurt”

I’ve had that since I first logged onto AOL IM


I use RED. As I go grey, it’s a memory of what once was. Of course, I’d need a High Score to show RED…so the RED is really disappearing!


Usually just “JOE”. “JOE FSPA” if 10 letters are enabled. And occasionally “TGR” in memory of our departed 4-legged children, Tiger and Tigger.


My actual initials are JMD, which is kind of boring and non-distinctive. I decided to use OPP because it’s part of my last name and who doesn’t love a good throwback to early 90’s radio rap? (yeah you know me)


THEBONECOLLECTOR is too many letters so I settle with RAY :wink:


Nice thread.

I wound up with KEF simply because it sounded closest to Keith and KPJ is really boring.


I’ve recently started using " J " when I GC a game. I used to do JAY but I got bored with it. I often put ACK, UGH (or some random three letter word that comes to me) when I get my name up but feel I didn’t I deserve it.


As someone else with a 3 letter name, I have always used IAN. It has been unique enough for most my life, heck I was the only person at pinburgh whose first name started with I. I have thought about rebranding, but probably won’t.

When I encounter a machine with recently.reset scores and I get a very low high score, I will often put someone else’s initials, like RED :slight_smile:

I have also been known to put childish 3 letter words in an attempt to annoy my friends who own the bar. In essence becoming what I write. Very deep.


BCD is incredibly easy to enter. Except when you screw it up and then people think Brian Dye was here.


WWJ for 3 letter initials

If it’s 10 characters - I’ll put in Wayne J if I get GC, if it’s only a high score it’s back to WWJ.

Variations have included “Wayne Fail” and “So Near”, if I’ve just drained with the wizard mode lit but not collected.

I once entered WWK by mistake on a super high score on my TSPP, it remained there for months and months until I finally managed 4 scores to surpass it. A friend thought it was so “hilarious” that it’s now an official default score on his Forbidden Planet table

I also played an Italian machine (can’t remember the name, but I think it had some kind of weird floating playfield that rocked from side to side). I got the GC score, but for whatever reason the letter “J” was not in the selection when it came to entering my name, so it was back to WWK

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I’ve gone Bowen style and dedicated my initials to my kids (C_S) for Colin and Charlotte. Thankfully they both have the same first letter in their first name.

Hmmm . . . I guess this now puts a ton of pressure on what we name kid #3 if we choose to have another one. Somehow I can’t see the argument to my wife about pinball initials being of high importance holding much water :slight_smile:



When Metallica’s Ride the Lightning came out in 1984, I immediately was drawn to the song Creeping Death and the chanting of DIE in the middle of the song.

Occasionally I will use different initials out of respect for the situation. For example I have had a GC on charity tourney games that were going to a Children’s hospital, or at someone’s home who I felt maybe could be sensitive to the word appearing over and over on their display. My preferred initials wouldn’t be good. I’ll use my son’s initials ATT or my wife’s initials NLP.

In a similar vein, my handle is derivative of my favorite band Cannibal Corpse and my favorite hobby.

Nice thread. Looking forward or reading others’ stories. :slight_smile:

Edit (yes, I know the song predates the first alphanumeric pins, but I used it on video games I games I played)


EDB. If anyone can think of better initials for me, I’m open to suggestions.


I used to use my 3 letter last name, but I realized that I could have fun with my actual initials, TBA.

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Well if you’re the narcissist, EGO?


It depends…I usually do ED, but sometimes I use my actual initials - EWW.


We have an EGO in the Bay Area. Cracks me up whenever I see it :slight_smile:

I put in my actual initials, AHP, if I’m in San Francisco. Outside the city I’ll often put in FGW for Free Gold Watch or FOG for San Francisco.

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That’s just a dyslexic Eight Ball Deluxe.