What are your initials, why?



Death Save Disciples


FUK…someone’s gotta do it.
FUJ if the game censors me.


AXE, because a cool word that fits seemed like a better choice than my initials back when I was 14 and Battlezone was everywhere.


MEG, because it’s my name and my initials!


DRZ my acquired nickname in college from some drinking buds was Driz, instead of Drew. Most think i call myself Dr. Z, which is false, but also sounds cool.


GRV main initials, harder the game the more i enjoy it. Thus GravitaR "GRV"
TJS for games on family machines.
COE for games at local league I’m not proud of.
KOZ, AJG, AND, ARJ for location scores I’m not proud of.
AAA for times when I just want to get away from the game to play another fast.
BAO for when I beat a Bwn score at a ReplayFX event.

If 10 letters permitted use GRAVITAR for good scores, made up stuff for others.
On location in Detroit area use GRAND DAD as I know families that play there frequently.


I’m DRH, or “DAVEH FSPA” if 10-letter initials are enabled (why does hardly anyone do this? It’s fun!) No backstory, those are literally just my initials.


Because all the best swear words have 4 characters or more. d;^)

I started using ZZZ a long time ago, then switched to -Z- when I noticed others using ZZZ (duh). I too only enter my initial if it’s a GC score. Learned that from NES. Go big or go home. For 3 character games I use OZY and DIO a lot. For 10 character games I get a little more creative. I generally try to stay within the theme, sort of. For GB I used PUFT DADDY a lot. For GOT I used STARKSTER and GREYTELL, among others.

I’m not much of a SW nerd. Assuming 10 characters, anyone have any cool suggestions for SW? Also, are there no CFF crew here? Last I heard, you had to swear to always use CFF or they wouldn’t let you in the club.




I use CAT…my initials are blah (PDS)…my nick name in High School was Kit Cat…and I have just used that…If 10 letters are enabled I usually still enter CAT …never really pay attention to if there’s 10…IF I have more than 1 HS on a game I will enter KIT…and CAT sometimes they even end up in the right order!! :laughing:



RIP – Rhode Island Pinball. Its the name of the location I help admin and run a bunch of tournaments from. Its also super cool. Its nice to rep our club when playing at other locations.

I’ll put in my actual initials, JRB, if playing at RIP or at a friends house.


Jason Peter Werdrick. I’ll put in Jase too for my son. I believe it was PAPA 4 where Paul Madison and Fred Richardson were putting in POX on the games there. My girlfriend at the time just came down with the chickenpox right before leaving for PAPA and wasn’t sure if I was going to get it too since I never had it when I was a kid. Ended up getting the chickenpox almost 20 years later in my mid 30’s.


I put up CFF, because I’m in the Crazy Flipper Fingers and that’s what we all use on location. 4th place I’ll put up FHF, because of 4th Place Fred. Home machines I use RTG, because those are my initials!


I know of some CFF members who have not put up CFF on machines - what are the consequences - these are location machines in public :slight_smile: #pinballdrama


I just put up mine which are my actual initials - luckily haven’t seen anyone else with them that I know of: GXH


Banned for life!

What is the story of 4th Place Fred?


I don’t think they get kicked out for not being able to put a score up but who knows :wink:


Oh I meant not putting up CFF as their initials when they do put up initials - not the inability to put up a high score - although I would think that might be some minimum threshold to get into CFF?


I wish CFF would open a bay area chapter so I could get one of those cool t-shirts. Can’t buy one, only for members.


Inability to put up high scores is definitely a requirement to get in :wink: