Twitch/livestream setups.

Since I can’t stop spending money on this hobby, I picked up a Sony RX0 II to play around with. Form factor seems really convenient for the playfield or player camera. I’m hoping the “24mm” lens on it with the 1" sensor isn’t too zoomed in for using as a playfield camera. But it does sound like you can get an adapter for some lens options.

Spending money on streaming is a hell of a drug.

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Holy cow that’s a convenient form factor. Does it need a dummy battery or can you constantly power it with USB?

It looks like it can be usb powered (micro-usb). I also saw that the 24mm lens spec is a 35mm equivalent so that should work just fine for the playfield. It should be here tomorrow so hopefully it comes early in the day and I can play with it a bit.

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Quick video test of the RX0 II in lowish light. Quite good I think. Worth the money? Maybe not (if you can’t find one used)? But this thing is tiny and I’ll probably end up taking it on vacations and stuff so it can double purpose. I think it has all the right features to be a good option for the HDMI folks. Seems to draw about 3W off the usb and I like the full manual video program to set the shutter and fixed iso (or auto iso with range). No auto focus, but it’s single shot-af so a quick half press of the shutter gets the playfield in focus and you don’t really have to mess with it again.

This does have a bit of color correction applied as the output video for me is pretty neutral and definitely needs a LUT or curves to pop the colors out. I still can’t figure out how to get nice vibrant colors like other but my lighting is just the single smallrig panel for now.


That is really efficient. Thanks for the review and testing. So there’s no zoom, is the camera 6ft+ above ground in your demo? It’s not shabby at all, all things considered, but you def need more light on the PF. :wink:

Looks good. I guess with better lighting the colors will pop more, however on my sony a6400 i have a saturation setting i set to +1.

If you even want to improve your image further, it seems a littlebit over sharpened (or it’s the camera processing), i try to avoid the visual pixels at the flippers and wireforms.
Also the FPS seems a littlebit strange, maybe its the low light, but I also can see skipping frames from time to time clearly. This is probably a OBS/camera setting. Make sure it’s not the missing pc-power (by reducing the input resolution). Those skipping frames are annoying and it can take some time to figure it out.

I noticed this too, is the cam set to PAL maybe? (50fps) Just because the HDMI signal is 1080p60 does not mean the video is 60fps.

I have been busy for a while testing some equipment i could borrow to make some tests. It is Ip-cameras from Axis but i can not for the life of me get it to work. I was trying to collect the cameras to get one feed and then use the ethernet cable to get that wireless. The problem is that i cant seem to get it to work in twitch even with the cameras wired.
I tried a script to get it working in OBS, but it is very unsmooth and nothing like when i look at the cameras in Axis camera station.

Has anyone had any success in streaming pinball with Ip-cameras?

The cameras are:
Axis Q1715
Axis m2035
Axis m2036

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welcome to streaming, it’s hard until you get everything right.
Sorry can’t help, but make sure to check/test all the OBS settings.

No, it’s due to my wireless setup using the Pi. I’m forever working on it and just today I think I made a breakthrough in the network settings I need to change since the data packets were too big to handle the video so it was causing excessive drops. It may be too soon to call it, but I think I have a drop free pipeline now though finally.

I keep learning more and more low level stuff related to getting video to work nicely on the wifi and the Pi has some not so useful defaults. And then I make one small change and seem to break everything again.

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What’s the solution for keeping the Matchplay broadcast updated on OBS? If you have access to the pc streaming you can hit refresh on OBS regularly but if it’s a laptop and sited under a game it’s much more difficult.

Is there a different way of capturing it or having an auto refresh on OBS for the webpage insert?

You mean the big screen view or the one that shows the players on the current game with their points totals?

If it’s the latter, you have to manually switch it to the game you want it to display. Fastest way is use the interact function.

If it’s the big screen view, you can have OBS auto refresh that once you go to its scene.

The current players on the game. We left our rig on one game during a max Matchplay.
We set it to the correct game, but it doesn’t change when players change unless you hit refresh
(Where it says the players on bottom left)

What’s the interact function?

It’s not my stream, but a friends. I have a basics understanding of OBS from many years ago. From what I can see is they have the webpage inserted and cropped into the scene, which you can refresh using a button on OBS. If it could auto refresh it would be great. Or if there’s another way to insert it where it doesn’t need refreshing.

No auto refresh native to OBS for that, that I’m aware of. Just have to get used to refreshing it for the next round.

Maybe there’s a stream deck routine that can be built to help with this? Then you can hit the button from your stream deck app on your phone.

There are auto-refresh extensions for chrome. You could put Matchplay in chrome and have it refresh every 10 seconds. This is a pretty janky solution but it seems like it should work.

Maybe you can use Touch Portal, an app that lets you control OBS from your phone. You still have to hit a button, but you wouldn’t have to do it on the rig.

Edit: actually now that I think about it, you should be able to use Touch Portal to automatically refresh the OBS browser control every X seconds. Just make a button that starts a loop that runs until you stop it.

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Hey guys (and gals)

This is a jungle! What would be the cheapest way to get a wireless rig to work with streaming on Twitch? A recepie for an affordable yet good way to stream. Right now i am leaning towards Mevo, although it is 30 fps.

Please give me your alternatives to make this work. I would really like to get something that is quite easy to work with and not so much of being a programmer :slight_smile:

How long is a piece of string? :slight_smile:

I built a rig for our league, everything except the actual streaming PC landed at $7,717.45 (the arcade hosting the league bought a $3,000 PC FYI, which was overkill). This included commentary booth gear for two talents. We’ve tacked on a few upgrades since but that was the going rate about two years ago. I reckon you could go with cheaper cameras, cheaper mics, a multi-viewer, cheapest 8020 material and cuts to shave off a few grand. In Swedish money this will be a lot more with extra taxes and international shipping etc.

I’m assuming you also want this up and running by LPA Open? (not a lot of runway starting with two empty hands) Flights from SFO to CPH are quite affordable right now, you can always fly in a streamer to cover the event for you, just saying. :wink:

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I’m not sure of our total original cost, but I’d guess around $3,000, not counting the streaming PC and the iPad that we use for the stream deck - 1K for cameras; $800 for transmitters; the rest for the actual rig and sundries. We still use a single cartoid microphone with noise cancelling software, which saves a ton of money but gives a “live location” sound instead of a studio (this actually suits our style and we prefer it, but most everyone else has studio audio equipment). I think it would be hard to build a decent wireless rig for much less than this.

As we’ve matured we’ve added at least another $2K (touchscreen monitors, better cameras, portable stadium lights, etc) - and I always have a list of upgrades I’m going to add on when I get around to it.

“cheapest way” probably isn’t the best question to ask…

I’m out of town for a couple of weeks, but I’ve been planning to make an itemized list of everything in our rig. I’ll do that when I get back.