Twitch/livestream setups.


C920’s on sale at Amazon for 49.99$ today


@kdeangelo would you mind expanding on how to calculate how many HDMI switches one needs?


I think I figured it out. One switch per video view . So I got two. Here is the setup I ordered. I pretty much got everything Karl has, but made a few deviations.

Instead of Twisted Veins, I got these Aurum cables because they support 1080p whereas the Twisted Veins do not.

3 Of the Monoprice Lighting Stands
12 of the Chauvet Light Duty O-Clamp
12 Giotto Mini Ball Head Camera Mount (found them significantly cheaper on adorama)

9 Panasonic HC-V110. (Found a refurb deal on ebay where they were less than $100/pop)
1 Panasonic HC- X920 (already owned this one. will use for manual shots as needed)
2 Logitech C920 (Google actually gave me these two, not sure I’ll even use but I’ve got them)
2 Monoprice HDMI Switchers

2 AverMedia GC550 external capture cards (These use USB 3.0)

I have an HP 8570w EliteBook Workstation with an i7 vpro 3740QM @3.2 w/ 32 GB RAM and the high power docking station that was made for it. The docking station takes some of the load off the laptop part in respects to power, the USB, etc. Runs Windows 7.

1 Xsplit license.

Stuff starts arriving tomorrow and I hope to do my first stream this coming weekend. Just finished our brand logo, and currently working on the website.



How are you powering your V110 when you stream? I just got 9 of these things delivered and I don’t see a way to power it without the battery. My X920 has an ac port, but I don’t see anything like that on this one.


I used one a usb wall charger on the end of an extension cord plugged into the usb of the camera. I think it worked with no battery installed. I’d check to make sure you are delivering the correct voltage. Pretty sure they sell a usb charger somewhere if you aren’t feeling the ghetto rig :slight_smile:


you are correct. I bought this refurb, and they came with an aftermarket charger. I got on chat with and they told me there was no ac adapter. After further research I found and ordered these:

I just tested it with my samsung USB adapter which puts out 5v, and it worked without the battery like you said.

Thanks for helping confirm I just didn’t waste $900 :)grinning:


Ok good! When you said you bought 9 of them based on my recommendation I started to get nervous lol. I’ve never used the hdmi out and usb at the same time but I can’t imagine that would change anything. One thing I didn’t know until recently, you can remove all the status icons and junk from the hdmi out but, the output is 1080i not 1080p. Ive only done local recording to disk with our rig so far but it didn’t effect quality. Glad it worked out!



yeah i saw that it only does 1080i. My x920 does do 1080p. The reality is 1080p is a lot of bandwidth and resources. My only concern with 1080i is how the ball motion will look. That is the main reason I did not go the C920 route even though I already have 2 from work. If it’s not good, then I think I will get a scaler that converts it to 720p. They seem pretty cheap from the little bit of research I’ve done.


This is the only thing I’ve done with the rig so far, just to test things out. None of the camera mics are muted so the sound is crazy and I think I could have focused the PF camera a bit better but, the ball motion doesn’t seem to be an issue.


I just got some more gear coming in for the Pinvasion3 broadcast. Did some switching testing today.


I didn’t check the audio first but this is 4 HDMI cameras and 1 USB
It hasn’t finished processing but the 720p60 frames should show up soon


@pinballr that looks pretty nice. That is the v110 for the playfield or the c920? Yeah, you’re right about the sound. Not much you can do with the glass off and the acoustics of a garage.

@GApinball that looks great. For some reason it defaulted to 480p. I had to choose the 720 60fps. I hear my Whirlwind is potentially going to be used for Pinvasion III? My switches and stands get here Monday. I’m going to do a show about it if so. I can’t wait to get this going.

The only person streaming real pinball on Twitch right now is a guy that only owns a Solar Ride, and just said he has never played a pin with multi-ball. I find that disturbing and freaking awesome at the same time.


Yea thats the v110 on the pf and the others are c920s.


@GarrettHays and that’s on 1080i? Are you using any kind of scaler or are you using xsplit to send out the 720p? BTW that multi-ball control in your second game was really good.


@GApinball I like that camera stand. Can you share the make/model or post a link to where to buy one?


Same one Karl uses




That was 1080i 60fps from the HC-V110, to the Avermedia GL310, into xsplit. Sorry for the late reply. I just came back to this topic and saw that I never posted this reply :wink:

During our tests, I found the HC-V110 to excel in low light situations where the c920’s fall apart. The lighting at Fort Awesome is very dim and with the c920 auto light, exposure and white balance settings enabled the c920s were basically not usable. With the auto settings off and the exposure lowered manually I was able to get a reasonably smooth FPS from the c920s but, its still dark. @spraynard uses c920s on his stream and his place has a lot more ambient light. He has the auto settings enabled, I guess logitech doesn’t provide software for mac to change this, and it looks fantastic. Wish we had the budget to buy more Panasonic cams though.



Yes, I did figure out that Xsplit can scale it. One of my first videos didn’t look so hot because of the interlacing, but selecting “force de-interlacing” in the configure section of Xsplit solved that issue. Overall I’m very happy with the V110, and especially how the ball motion looks.

Here is a highlight showing fast ball motion on JM…

and how a slower ball motion game like Mystic looks…

The V110 might not be the best option out there, but it certainly provides a lot of bang for the buck.
FYI I am using C920 for player cam.


Hey all, I’m running 3 c920s for my rig and I’m perpetually having my camera’s “freeze”–the video just stops and locks on an image. Has anyone had this problem and found a solution? running on a macbook pro, OBS, and 2 powered USB hubs. Thanks!