Twitch/livestream setups.


Ive never had a usb cam lock up on me. Did you ever scale down the resolution to match the area the cam takes up on your layout?

Im having so many problems with the capture card and my new laptop I might have to switch to all usb cams. With the capture card/cam attached, OBS is showing 50+% cpu utilization and dropping frames :frowning:


Get the app called “Webcam settings” it does the same thing on mac OSX as the logitech software on Windows.
I used to broadcast from OSX. Now I’m using Windows on my MBP with Xsplit.


I botched the audio this weekend as we got there late and everyone was practicing and standing around so I didn’t check the audio. I though it was on the c920 on top of the stand but sounded like both cameras mics.

Overall the new cameras look good at 60FPS. Youtube has been stuck processing this for over a day
youtube com/watch?v=oNZGYa5Wwro



I was recently experiencing this,and I found a solution. However, I’m on a PC, and the solution is relative to your hardware’s capabilities. I found that the freezing was from a bottleneck in the USB controller. The solution is to ensure each camera is on a different controller.

I don’t know macs at all, so I can’t tell you how to check for what you have. On a PC it’s an option in Device Manager.
My setup is a little different. I have multiple panasonic v110s going to 2 Avermedia LGXs in turn going USB 3.0 into computer. Crucial that each one be on a different controller, and not have any other devices on it… C920s aren’t as intensive. It may just be that you need to optimize the load on each controller assuming you have at least two.


This is very helpful, thanks. My hunch is it has something to do with my cheapo usb hubs, which very well could be creating he bottleneck you described. I will investigate.


Cheapo might not be a problem as long as they are powered. Try lowering the resolutions of some of the cams as well. Your rig will probably have problems doing three 1080p cams at once and they will exhibit the freezing issue you mention.


I’m almost tempted to do the same, but I don’t want to forfeit 60fps. My capture card has been so problematic in the last month and a half though, I might have to.

I hear Xsplit is finally going to introduce 60fps capabilities, so I might have to download the latest version of that and try. I seem to have far less trouble getting it to recognize my devices than OBS.


Xsplit has had 60fps capabilities as long as I’ve been using it. All depends on your hardware.


@akm I’ve been using 60fps on Xsplit since I got it.


Really? I’m going to have to try it again. No 60fps options pop up on my end (while they do in OBS).

OK, I just checked my email and it was their latest newsletter that mentioned 1440p 60fps streaming capabilities on YouTube. Sorry, I confused that for 60fps streaming in general, so yeah, apparently it’s been able to do it for a while. I need to dig deeper because OBS is being a pain in my ass.



The hubs themselves are not the issue, but rather the USB controllers in your macbook pro that they connect to. Their cost and whether or not they are powered is irrelevant when it comes to bandwidth issues.


For some reason I can’t even run xsplit. I start getting high cpu notifications and at some point xsplit crashes. I think under settings/video in OBS where you can change canvas size, output size and global FPS which defaults to 30.


We are working on a new solution that will cover all of our pinball camera needs! We hope to have at least one prototype done for bat city open. The cam will have hdmi out for pf monitors, rtmp over gige, rtmp over wireless, small enough to put nearly anywhere, 720@60fps 1080p@30fps and cost right around $100 to make. So far our tests are looking promising!


But your camera’s are not 60FPS pinballr. Running the app in 60FPS doesn’t make the camera shoot in it.
Just a FYI as I’ve noticed some people think they are :slight_smile:



yes, they are:


Unfortunately they will record in those format but what is coming out of the HDMI port to display is not 60FPS live. Trust me I ordered that model and tested and sent it back to B&H. They will not output 60FPS to the hdmi on the side.

You can record to an SD card at those formats. Sorry but your last couple broadcast are set at 60FPS but the camera is outputting 30FPS. I can see the difference with my eyes…

If you want to PM me I can tell more about the HCV110s. I have a scaler that you connect the HDMI to and it will tell you what the output is. The “display output” on that camera doesn’t have a setting to allow the adjustment of what is coming out of that port.

I even tested and reported that to Karl awhile back.


Our camera is looking pretty good so far! We’ve got a successful rtmp stream to a nginx server on the broadcast pc via wifi, while viewing the hdmi out on a monitor and streaming to youtube.



That’s really sad how petty you are being. Why does it have to be private and only shared with one person? Thought the point of this thread was a knowledge base for people wanting to stream.


Sorry was trying to help. Same thing I told Zen… take the information how you want.

I actually don’t use the scalers anymore since I changed setup from when I started. I’ll send you one so you can see what the actual camera is outputting on a HUD as part of the menu.

Nothing is private… I’m not on here much. Check my history… I contribute when I can


I don’t see it as being petty, I see it as him taking a conversation that is not necessarily of interest to the whole thread (extended comments about a very specific camera model) and saying “We don’t need to waste a ton of people’s time with this”. That’s not petty, that’s thoughtfulness. If more people are interested I’m sure @GApinball would be happy to have that conversation out in the open. Maybe just ask next time!