Twitch/livestream setups.


This is the one I use with 2 mics:


Just be careful of overkill!

I use a yeti into the laptop - for the most part it never needs adjusting other than xsplit will forget its the default mic - what I do is have my Phone on the stream output and adjust the volume based on that. I have a countdown that plays music that lets me know sound is working on the stream and then I’ll use the output from the phone to double check the audio is getting through.

And then usually I don’t have to touch it. You can go with mixers etc but you still need to be certain the audio is right on the playout.


Just a simple kudos to @spraynard for the stream and mobile rig he’s built that he’s putting to good use at regional events here in Texas.
Check out his latest work on the TX SCS stream on the spacecitypinball channel on Twitch. He’s now got animated Changing Game screens, Instant Replay with a nice animation transition, game audio mic, and a telestrater.


Oh, and he has a dynamic sponsor area that cycles in/out various sponsor logos on a set timer so more sponsor logos can get air time without tying up too much screen real estate.


@spraynard definitely going to be bugging you about some of these features at some point Phil. Great work.

Hoping to put my order in for my mobile rig over the winter. Thanks again to you and Karl for sharing the plans with everyone.


We are probably looking to order the parts for the mobile rig in NC so we can do everything more easily. I am curious though, during tournaments do players ever have any complaints about playfield lights when they are on a neighboring machine? For the NC state finals we opted to not go with playfield lights as the room was pretty dark and felt like it would have been a distraction.


That’s a tough one. I would try to find a way that the light cannot be seen by other players. Or mess with the gain to help as much as possible. Maybe some difusers are available to help too?


I don’t think you could put lights on a mobile rig like that w/o bothering other players. I think you just have to try and properly light the room. Which isn’t easy. Without installing new lights you could try a few shop lights. Or photography lights. I’d point them at the ceiling so you don’t get reflections, but you would need lots of powerful lights if the ceiling isn’t low and white.

Or just put pin stadium lights or something similar on the games.


I had a light on the rig for Texas scs finals. No one complained, afaik. The light I use also can be turned down in intensity, enough to where it improves the picture and isn’t a blinding distraction for people in adjacent games.


@spraynard Nice, yeah I guess just turning down the lights solves that. We are still getting our audio latency issues sorted out, which should hopefully be corrected on Tuesday by using the Elgato Cam Link instead of using a Elgato Game Capture HD.