Twitch/livestream setups.


Oh man that Duet Display app is cooooooooool.


I couldn’t believe how well it works. I was expecting a laggy mess, but it functions exactly like another monitor. Just really tiny.


I gave it a quick test here on 22.0.2 and it seemed to work. Is the script still installed in the Tools->Scripts? Is the Whiteboard source on top in the scene? Are you drawing on the Fullscreen Projector window?

Let me know if you still have trouble, I hacked this script together quickly and haven’t had a chance to clean it up :slight_smile:


Whiteboard on top. I was using a windowed projector as before, but I can try fullscreen later.

I tried removing the whiteboard souce, removing the script and starting over. After re-adding the script, “whiteboard” no longer appears as a source option.


Gotcha, looks like it stopped working in the windowed projector but still works in the fullscreen projector, thx!

Fixed it here:

After you add the script, you may need to restart OBS and re-add the source.


Was messing around with the Whiteboard script, I got it working but it seems that the spot the cursor is at and the spot on the screen where it starts drawing are quite off. Is this due to resolution differences between the screen resolution and the base resolution? Monitor res is at 1080 and OBS base res is at 720


Thx! Should be fixed now if you redownload. Also fixed the case if you change the base resolution while the whiteboard was active.

If I go ahead and make this a proper fancy plugin, what features would you all want? Change pen color and size? Shapes and arrows?


Awesome, will re-download, and yeah the only improvements I can see are adding arrows and color.


Back in action! Thanks Mike!

If you decide to make this a full plugin (and I think you should)…
pen color, line thickness, and arrow end caps would be the top features. a “nice to have” would be auto-line smoothing.


I purchased one of these to try out. Seems to work fine when plugged directly into my TV, but when I plug into my elgato hd60pro, it acts like there is no signal. Did you have any issues like this? What kind of capture card are you using?


I use the elgato camlink capture cards. I haven’t had any issues.

Added: Make sure you are using the HDMI input on the mywireless transmitter (don’t use the one labeled HDMI out to TV)


What are people using as a clamp mount for score camera to a boom stand? Does a gooseneck help, or is something like a Smallrig ball work better?


I use this for a C920 and it works well.


So I finally streamed for the first time. Things are coming together and I was happy with the quality.

My question is now about audio monitoring. I tried a setup of using game audio directly to my laptop monitoring on Bluetooth headphones using mic from them for my voice. I started with my voice also monitored, but the lag was unacceptable and so I turned off monitoring on my mic.

Do people audio monitor? Is there a better setup?


digital monitoring will always have a terrible lag.

I recently did monitoring using the headphone output on the Blue Yeti, and it was great

Long term, i plan to get a mixer and send separate feeds to the computer / headphones for zero lag.


I am considering going this route and was curious if there is mixer hardware people have experience with and recommend.

At the same time it is probably completely unnecessary. I am doing it because I like playing with new toys, not because it is solving a problem I actually need to solve. :slight_smile:


Lol, this is like 95% of the rationale behind my streaming rig.

Audio monitoring is very useful though. Trying to have a dialog with another commentator in a loud room is difficult. It’s also nice to know whether you are speaking to softly or not talking directly into the mic.


I use a mixer with two nice headsets for my streams. Works great.


The easiest solution without a mixer is to monitor before streaming to set your levels, then turn it off once you start streaming.

Behringer makes some nice entry level mixers that can connect over USB. But you’d need a non-Bluetooth mic/headset to connect to it. There are mixers with Bluetooth support, but I have no experience with them and they almost certainly will have lag.

At the same time it is probably completely unnecessary. I am doing it because I like playing with new toys, not because it is solving a problem I actually need to solve. :slight_smile:

This is how it all starts… you always just need one more toy to make the stream a little better :smiley:


Oh this is awesome! I’ve owned several behringer mixers over the years, but never a USB one. So is it powered by USB also?