Twitch/livestream setups.


New Logitech c922 webcam is out which has 720p60 support.


The C920 cannot do that?


Nope, the c920 can only do 30fps.


Ahh. Okay thanks for the info.

EDIT: can I run a C922 and a couple C920s together?


I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.


This seems an appropriate thread to give a quick recommendation to check out Tim/Strobey’s stream

He’s only got a handful of broadcasts under his belt, but they are all outstanding quality. Tim uses a mixing desk hooked directly into the machine’s audio, a DrPinball HDMI display extender ( for crystal clear DMD image, and just generally puts on a great show

His regular broadcast slot is Wednesday evening (UK time, which is probably around 3pm EST)

Earlier this year when I was buying gear to start streaming, a DrPin HDMI card was high on the list, because I was surprised that no-one was using it for this purpose. I’d guess that once people see this kind of stream more will be encouraged to try it


Yes! I was pointed to that stream recently and his technical presentation is outstanding. Freaking LOVED the Hook audio with the direct sound input. I’ll have to do that on future streams, but it’s oh so much equipment!

I’ve had the DMD Extender but hadn’t used it until my last stream Would love to get a bunch to hook them up to all the machines in a tournament bank.


Are you getting the video output directly from the Raspberry Pi to xsplit/obs/whatever, or are you doing Raspberry Pi -> HDMI -> HDMI capture card?


Wow, that’s the coolest technical advancement I’ve seen in pinball streams in a long time. You know how when you’re playing, your eyes naturally flick up to the DMD every so often, and you don’t even notice, until you play something like Full Throttle, where there’s nothing to see?

I just realized that this is what I’ve been missing in every pinball video I’ve ever seen. For some reason, in any pinball footage my eyes don’t go up to the DMD nearly as often as they do when I’m actually playing a game myself, even when there’s a separate DMD cam, so I’m just missing a lot of stuff.

I don’t know exactly what it is with the extender vs a DMD cam, but with the extender I’m able to follow the game a whole lot better. Looking forward to watching a tournament that has one of those.


Raspberry Pi HDMI Output -> HDMI Capture Card.


more $$$ spent :slight_smile:


Eating up an extra HDMI capture port seems expensive.

I haven’t messed with a DMD extender yet, but I think the RPi 2/3 are both capable of encoding h264 high in hardware. I wonder if it would be possible to just ship the video from the Pi to the broadcast workstation over IP.


For me it’s one less camera to setup and worry about. Already using the HDMI capture port anyways.


After a full day run yesterday I can highly recommend this wireless HDMI setup from Monoprice (wait for sales/coupons of course). Ran like a champ all day yesterday during PATL on the main tournament bank games and will be using it today for the finals game coverage -


did you set that up between your row of machine and the PC station? does that mean you would need the HDMI switcher at the bank location so you don’t need 6 HDMI wireless?


Thanks. I’ll be grabbing one of these


No room to setup multiple cameras where we were so I had this mounted on the same tripod as the camera. Only had to plug in power each time I moved it. Next step is to grab a large power pack/battery backup to see how long I can run the setup on battery power for.

Don’t see why it wouldn’t work between the hdmi switches though, could make for some easier setups. Will have to test that out.


Will this work between my camera and my projector or do I need a PC on the other end? It isn’t clear from the Monoprice product description.


I think that’s actually kind of what these are for. It basically replaces a HDMI cable. So anything you need a cable for this replaces it.

I’m about to order a couple to play around with


Neat. Even at $160 that’s a reasonable price. Any idea how many pairs can operate in a given area before they start stepping on each other?