Twitch/livestream setups.


I have what might be a driver issue or something? Maybe someone can help me out here.

When I use 3 c920s at the same time in Xsplit and all 3 are connected it seems like I can only control 1 camera at a time from the Logitech control thing (where I can turn off all the rightlight junk and stuff.) I’ve “fixed” this by plugging in 1 camera at a time and adjusting the settings in a way I wanted but I can’t tell (except for the eyetest) if all my settings take when all 3 cameras are plugged in. Is there a way to uniquely identify the cameras or something so that you can control individual white balance levels while all are plugged in? Are there driver updates I can get which fix this? Am I doing something wrong?


I think there is a piece of software available for purchase out there somewhere that solves this problem. At the BCO I think we had 6 c920’s and it was a NIGHTMARE getting all of them setup.


If you have multiples of the same model, the software doesn’t know what to do and as a result you can typically only adjust one. If you don’t want to have to deal with external software to deal with this like it was suggested in the post above, it’s better to have different models (for instance, I run a 920, then a 920-C and both are recognized fine without conflict).


oh whoa, didn’t catch that, you only had one camera/tripod being moved between each game? still it looked great :slight_smile: We could do that for Classic next year, I assume you need good amount of space in the back of the game to move the Monoprice tripod then? May need your new style of clamp instead of aluminum bar with all the swinging too :slight_smile:


I was using this stand from Monoprice instead of the giant speaker stand. Much easier to move around. Also, most of the ball mounts I own already had the proper threading to go directly on the mount.

Feel like I should be getting paid by Monoprice for all this advertisement :stuck_out_tongue: Helps that their will call is just 10 minutes from my house.


whoa, that small stand was high enough to get over the top of a pinball backbox? we could use a more mobile one to capture classic finals next year with one mobile camera :slight_smile: Any chance you got pics of your setup with that stand?

You should ask them to provide you a code and get % commission


This is the point where it all falls apart but I started streaming a few weeks back. Just got my new internet set up. Streaming LOTR and Woz for the next week weeks back and forth then rotating amongst a myriad of games I have and some location stuff at aracde super awesome . Always open to pointers. Working on some more graphics. Animations. Etc. I want to run it like a 2 hr tv show. Try to have a purpose each episode and also to chat.

Archive at:


I just got my two in today. Here is what is stated in the manual.

A maximum of 10 receivers can be supported in the same room.
A maximum of 16 transmitters can be supported in the same room.

I’m going to see if I can it to work through some walls this evening.


hey @kdeangelo, I was thinking about that again, did you have some picture of the setup using the smaller stand?


Ah yes, completely forgot. Downside is you can’t raise the playfield.


nice, looks pretty good, may pick up one of those. Where are you getting those new clamps again?


You’ll have to add your own ball joint to these:

Alternate are these with a gooseneck attached:


bought a couple, will try them out with that stand four our next “casual” streaming :wink:


not bad as a setup but that micro stand isn’t too stable except when feet are all flat on the ground which by then it is a bit short… I guess the Monoprice one maybe be better/higher than the Amazon.


Testing getting direct audio from the game. Also I changed the Kiss song to tributes. I got sick of the originals


Hell yeah, Mighty Mighty Boss Tones! I’ve got that CD called Kiss My Ass. Good stuff.


Any recommendations for lighting and how to position it. Whenever I have set up for streaming, I can’t seem to get the lighting correct. I have some LED lights but they cause a lot of glare. I also adjust the camera settings, but it never looks quite right. What are other people doing for lighting up the pf?


I haven’t messed around with proper lighting rigs but, I use the cheapo clip on work lights and a couple of CFL bulbs in the daylight color range. All I did was clip two of the work lights onto the back box of the games next to the game I was filming so the light source is off camera and at pretty extreme angle to the playfield glass that it was easy to avoid glare. Pretty sure this is the vid.


I never see anyone use a headset mic. Is there a reason? I’d guess that would get better sound out of the vocals, and encourage more talking (vs leaning over into something suspended in the air somewhere).


Headset mics are not ideal. I started on varying models and found the frequency ranges to be severely lacking, and they pick up the mechanics of the machine you are playing as faint “thud” sounds. Far from ideal. There may be decent headset mics with high quality audio, but they are probably stupid expensive.