TWD competition setting at ClePin

Apparently, it had beta code that didn’t allow you to LIGHT your mode start shots during a Multiball.

Definitely changes strategy, adds a new wrinkle to risk/reward prior to beginning a Multiball. Scores will also be lower, mode progress toward Terminus more difficult, and multi-kill qualification and value increase more difficult.


EDIT: I edited the thread subject based on updated and confirmed info. This change is a setting, and not beta code.

It felt like a lot of work to get modes going. The bricky drops were a big part of that as well. I do like the idea of not being able to start modes during multiball though, for the reasons you stated.

I didn’t even realize it was a beta code during the tournament. Just figured it was a difficulty setting.

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It’s a setting. “Install competition” from the utilities menu and you have to light your mode in single ball play.

Makes the game way better IMO. That decision of multiball lit and one drop target left, and the risk/reward decision of trying to bring a mode into multiball or not is great.


Makes sense since ideally you would pick a mode that would work optimally with the multiball you were starting.

This too. I hate when I accidentally start a mode during multiball that I’d rather play in single ball.

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Ok so let’s do it. All tournaments from now on will have this adjustment :slight_smile:

Also barn door disabled. Drives me nuts when that head doesn’t register.


What made me mad is I played this one like 4 times before I was told that was the setting. I thought the game was broken as I’ve never played a TWD set up like the one in Cleveland. All my tournaments we just turned the extra balls off. Since it seems that most people that knew this game well were confused by the setting, I would like to see a sign next time that says no mode start during multiball.

I did come up with a strategy to get a decent score on that one though. I started first by lighting the modes, then got Prison or WW MB going, then started my choice of mode.

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Your best bet is to ask the TD prior to playing a game what settings have been altered from factory settings. Some TDs will put up sheets on the back boxes and some won’t. Its easier to change ones own behavior with this then being dependent upon someone else to post a sign.

agreed. But when I thought the game was acting incorrectly, I asked about it. The storekeepers and TD said that’s how this TWD has always played. I don’t think they realized that the comp setting in utilities made that change. Just created confusion until I finally found someone that knew about that setting.

But yeah I will definitely make sure and ask next time before stepping up the first time.

Yea, sounds like it created confusion with the subject of this thread. “beta code” ?

I don’t want to hijack this thread, but personally not having full disclosure of settings (including whether a game has ball saver or not) is extremely annoying. At pinburgh , why did some newer Sterns have ball saves and some didn’t like X-Men LE but no signage?

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Every tournament I’ve ever run has been this way, including our league at my house :slight_smile:

You needed the VIP pass to be privy to this info.

JK, I agree that PAPA/TDs should have a sign or something. I knew before my first game because I had asked some other players how the games were playing beforehand.


What would be better would be if the player could actually review the game setting. In something like instant info. On a large screen a list of all gameplay setting bolding those that are not default would be easy. On a dmd it would probably make instant info too big to add settings. But maybe not non-default settings.

Maybe sterns could add something via the Easter egg input code sequence. Not going to happen for old games, but on new games it would help.

I had a VIP pass!! Haha. But yeah, it was more me being still new to these bigger tournaments than anything that led to the confusion. I’ll just make sure and get comfortable before starting next time. Lesson learned!

Now the Pro just needs Walker Bombs on the tournament button to be perfect!


Having a game set to Tournament/Competition mode is pretty standard, and in fact is noted as the standard game setup when possible in the PAPA rules last time I flipped through them.
Seems reasonable to put the burden on the player to know what those settings adjust on different games.
Though, i will agree that its always nice when TD’s add notes on games for things that they feel players might not expect, however standard they might be. :slight_smile:

Fair enough. Or how about just a reminder posted on each game or at the entrance tot the tourny area reminding player to make sure they confirm settings on games before playing? I know that experienced players know that, but newbies just getting into competitive pinball might not.

The only thing a bit weird about TWD is that setting the ADJUSTMENT for Competition Mode to “YES” doesn’t change this mode setting . . . it’s only the INSTALL of Competition that changes all of the ‘preferred settings’ that Lyman put in for tournament play, which does include this mode setting adjustment.

I know many TD’s that will manually go into the adjustments and turn off extras, turn off ball saves, turn on Competition mode, so it’s easy to see how this adjustment could be ‘unknown’ even for TD’s that believe they put the game on “Tournament Mode”.

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install Novelty and then competition