Tron rules. SOS x 2?

We have put over 6600 plays on my Tron now. Every once in a while (maybe 4 or 5 times I can think of) I get to play Sea of Simulation 2 times in the same game but I have not ever figured out how to light it for the 2nd time.

I know that if you haven’t beaten all modes during the 1st SOS then you have to relight the modes you haven’t played and hopefully beat them to advance to portal. But sometimes I will light the modes not completed in the 1st SOS (but not beat them all) and the SOS will light up a 2nd time.

Does anyone know how to relight the SOS for the 2nd time in the same game?

Not sure what exactly you’re asking. To light it the second time you just have to work on completing or starting the modes that weren’t lit solid after your first SOS

Lets say I play SOS but do not beat all the modes and drain. The inserts for the unbeaten modes will turn off next ball. You then have to start those modes again. If you beat all the remaining modes then you light portal. If you start the unlit modes but do not finish them occasionally you can play SOS again and try to beat the modes in SOS. 99% of the time though I am not able to play SOS again. I usually just have to complete the remaining modes and then go to portal.

Does the make sense?

If you complete all previously uncompleted modes, you go straight to Portal.

Are you saying you just need to start all previously uncompleted modes (and have at least one unfinished) to light SOS again?

Yes that is correct.

This happens very rarely but yes. Sometimes you can play SOS 2 times in the same game by just starting the uncompleted modes after SOS. I’m trying to figure out what relights the SOS rather than having to complete the previously unfinished modes and go to portal.

One time after SOS I had all modes lit (some flashing, some solid) and then hit a gem shot and then my SOS relit so I thought that might be the trick but I tried that last night to no avail.

Ok I see what you are saying. Now that I think about it, I don’t remember ever getting SoS twice so if it did happen to you I have no clue why.

This is a line from the in depth review…

“You only get to play Sea of Simulation once before you reach The Portal. If you don’t get all the inserts on the ladder lit during Sea of Simulation, those you missed go out and you have to light them by completing their associated mode in the normal way and you miss out on the million+ awards for them.”

So the other 1% you’re referring to, I have no idea where that’s coming from :confused:

EDIT: I think the game’s main point of doing this is to not award you the million plus bonus twice for the same trip to portal.

I do recall making it to SOS twice in one game, but it was on much earlier code. Perhaps this was changed along the way.

I am suspecting this could be a software glitch. I got to SOS 2 times in the same game just this week (on the latest code). I’m pretty sure I have done it on the early code as well. Like i said it is super rare but it happens. BUT maybe it is not supposed to happen!

I can confirm I’ve had SOS twice in one game before too. I can’t recall how or why this happens… Could it be simply a started Portal and fail, and restarting everything from the beginning again? I can’t remember, it’s been a long time since I’ve been to Portal!

I don’t believe you can light Sea a second time if you don’t successfully complete it the first time around. If you fail Sea then finish the rest of the modes you need, I’m pretty sure Portal lights (you don’t go back to Sea).

Only way to get to Sea a second time in a game is to get to Portal Multiball, come out of that with a clean slate and then start every mode again just as if it was a new game. But that’s not what you have in mind.

Also, when you fail Sea, the lights of the modes you didn’t complete don’t go out. They should remain flashing, indicating you have accessed them but not completed them (the ones you have completed will remain solid).


Here’s an idea. There might be a software setting to have the lights go out after a drain if the modes haven’t been completed. If this is an option and you have it set like this, it may very well be possible to get to Sea a second time because the game might think you haven’t accessed the modes at all. However, if that’s true, it’s not stock/default and it’s not how you are going to experience most Trons out on location and so I don’t really recommend having it set that way.

That is the case 99% of the time. Sometimes you will get to play SOS a 2nd time.

Once you get to the SOS the modes you completed during normal play remain solid. The modes you did not finish turn off. If you complete them during SOS then they light solid. Once you come out of SOS any inserts for modes not completed during SOS remain off and you have to start the mode again to get it flashing and beat it to get it solid.

My game is on factory settings. Only thing I changed is that I set the machine to free play.

So the mystery still looms…

I am sure I have gotten to sos twice in a game recently on what I believe is the newest code. I am almost positive you have to start all the modes again, even the completed ones. Basically it is the same as starting it the first time, although it is difficult to tell what you need since the completed inserts stay lit.

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I think you are onto something!!! I’m going to try that this weekend.

Hm, maybe that’s the key–if you actually start every single mode again, not just the ones you need, it may qualify Sea once more. I didn’t think about that.

@Pinball_Shenanigans - If you have the machine, you should test it with the glass off.

Good call. I will try that with the glass off and report back.

Yes, this is the correct description of how to get Sea of Simulation a second time.

There you have it folks, straight from the tutorial master himself. Don’t think I’ll take my glass off now but I will be trying to light SOS 2 times if i think it will help my Portal cause :slight_smile:

I’m pretty positive I read that if you fail our of SOS the requirement to restart SOS are just to start each of the 3 MB’s again.

I’ll confirm on my Tron

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Interesting. That is possible. But one time I hit a gem shot that lit SOS a 2nd time. So I am guessing that was the last mode that needed to be started again. Either way I will try that as well.

Yeah, if either of you can verify I am interested to know.