Tron rules. SOS x 2?

This weekend for sure. We play all kinds of Tron pretty much every weekend :slight_smile:

I read this whole thread wondering aloud with everyone else…but this jogs my memory.

That’s 100% true. You just have to play all three multiballs to get back to SOS. I don’t remember where I heard it, but it works. I’ve done it on multiple occasions…and I was confident enough that this was all that was needed that I’ve specifically coached others to do the same.

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Really! That is VERY interesting. I was skeptical at 1st. Well I am certainly going to try that as well and report my findings :slight_smile:

On a side note since we are talking Tron rules. What are the ways to beat light cycle.

I know of these combos for sure:
left ramp-quorra-gem
left ramp-quorra-side ramp

I’m sure there are others though maybe starting through the pops?

I seem to recall - and I could be recalling incorrectly! - finishing light cycle via the right loop through the pops. Which would assume a shot to Quorra, side ramp, then right loop.

Would be worth checking again I guess…

The ones you named, yeah, along with what @Mar said. I suppose you could also do right orbit, to upper ramp, to right orbit again.

You can also complete it by doing three two-way combos (that’s usually how I do it).

Three 2way combos? Do tell. What is your exact strategy there?

The way to go is left ramp, quorra,right ramp. If you can stage flip the upper flipper then this combo can all be done with a ball or two parked on the left flipper.

That is what I normally go for but would like to branch out and explore my options :slight_smile:

Well, my goal is usually completion of the modes so I can better my chances of getting to Portal. I often have a tough time with the Quorra shot (doesn’t everyone?), and so because of that I generally have a hard time doing a single three-way combo.

For the two-ways, I’ll focus on getting a ball cradled on each flipper. Then with the right flipper, I’ll hit the ramp, then the left orbit (staging the upper flipper for that part). I’m way more consistent at hitting those two shots so I just focus on doing that three times. It’s also points in the process (about a million for both shots combined).

OK sweet thanks for the info. I’ll give that a try! I just gave my Tron a good cleaning last night and added a few yellow cliffy posts :slight_smile:

So we were able to restart SOS a couple different occasions by starting all 3 multiballs! That is awesome to know. Thanks all.

Also was able to complete Light Cycle with three 2way combos :slight_smile: I like options :slight_smile:

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