TPF 2018 tournament NEXT WEEK! (pin list & volunteers)

It’s on right now!


We’ll be streaming the end of qualifying from 2-4pm today, and then finals at 5pm.


Let me know when it’s uploaded to youtube so I can pinballvideos dot com dem shits

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$10 if you loose my horrible TNA game from the quarter finals T_T

What finals!! I hopefully won’t spoil anything by saying I’ve been watching Karl since he streamed that DoD multiball and I have to say in my opinion he has the best flipper skills out of all the top players in any tournament. Constantly doing seemingly little things (with great success too) in situations where a passive approach would be safer perhaps but not give the amount of control.

Thanks for streaming this thriller, and to the commentators who did a top job keeping it informative and fun.


Anybody who was there to see that final group play couldn’t help but have their mind blown at the skill on display. I won’t spoil anything either, but man, THAT PARAGON BALL 3.

@Snailman did a fantastic job running the tournaments and keeping everything organized and moving along. Our little Salt Lake league claimed 3 plaques, including the Classics 1st place finish, on the weekend and it felt good.

Thanks to all who volunteered. The amount of people in qualifying was crazy. @YeOldPinPlayer usually spends the entirety of day 1 and day 2 scorekeeping, and I hope everybody notices and appreciates that.


Hear ye hear ye! Indeed, we couldn’t have done it without @YeOldPinPlayer! In addition to scorekeeping duties he also stayed up late on Thursday to help set up the cameras, and woke up early on Sunday to help tear them down. He also loaned all the scorekeeping tablets and brought an extra computer to run the queue projector. He’s the guy behind the scenes getting things done.

Thanks to everyone else who volunteered too. I’m very pleased with how smoothly everything went.


I didn’t mean to leave you out in the shoutouts, Phil. I blanked on your username. Thanks for being there and putting forth the emotional and physical effort as well.