TPF 2018 tournament NEXT WEEK! (pin list & volunteers)

I decided to base it off of its style and gameplay, and not when it was designed and manufactured. From how it played when I played the whitewood last year, to the streams I’ve watched of gameplay, to the comments from Scott himself during various interviews regarding gameplay and type of game he designed, I stand by my decision to include it in TPF’s Solid State category. In my opinion, to say that TNA has “no SS pedigree except the 7-digit scoring displays” is a gross misunderstanding of TNA’s gameplay and the designer’s stated intent of making a fun, easy-to-understand, single-level, difficult-to-control, and fast-playing pin.

Why does a game produced in 2017 and beyond need to be based on an existing SS playfield to be deemed a SS style of game?

Pinburgh can choose otherwise and you are more than welcome to choose otherwise for any tournament you run. I’m going with classifying it as a SS. If I were making bank designations at Pinburgh, I’d designate it as a late SS. That’s what I effectively did for TPF, as my aim is to have two late SS and two early SS in the SS bank.

Most importantly: TPF tourney players will have the pleasure of playing a TNA in competition play, regardless of what era or style designation that people feel is appropriate. I can’t wait to play it!


Update: EBD is out. Elektra is in.

now that is an interesting curve ball…

Yeah, unfortunately, the EBD had issues and wasn’t going to make it to the show until afternoon on Friday. With Friday being the only day of Classics qualifying, having a pin show up late is a non-starter. Elektra was the back-up SS pin I’d already arranged.

All this labeling of games. Lets just say that TNA fits in the diverse mix of games for a tournament like TPF main. Who needs to label it “SS”.

So, what if “classics labeled” games are reproduced. A brand new Meteor with modern guts and materials. Does that fit in classics competition? And what if the rules are modernised too? Original single ball games now feature multiball?

The debate will be endless.

Let the TD decide. As long as the games are announced in advance. Including any customisation they might be fitted with.

The weirdest “classics” games I remember from tournaments at the top of my head. Partyzone and BS Drac.

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For all the seasoned tourney vets out there: please be sure to check out the differences (vs PAPA finals) we’re using for Finals pin selections that are posted in each tournament rules page at

Wizard Finals:
Each finals group must play one pin from each Era bank. And each group chooses their three pins at the beginning of the round, rather than one game at a time in order to speed up finals play and allow for streaming to get cameras set up on the next pin to follow one group each round.

“Finals will be played using a modified “PAPA style” format. Finalists will be placed into groups of 4 players. They play 3 games. At the beginning of each round, the top seed in each group gets to the pick the pin (from available pins) or his/her playing position for each of the three pins played during that round by his/her group, but each group must play one pin from each era for their 3-game match. Note that each group choosing all three pins at the beginning of each round is different than the PAPA rules, but the PAPA rule of only one group being allowed to play a particular pin as Game #1, etc. of each round still applies. Scoring is 4-2-1-0 for the four finishing positions. After 3 games, the top 2 players from each group advance.”

Classics Side Tournament Finals:
Each group gets to choose which pin they start on, and then move on to numerically designated next pin rather than one game at a time in order to speed up finals play.

“Finals will be played using a modified “PAPA style” format. Finalists will be placed into groups of 4 players. They play 3 games. At the beginning of each round, the top seed in each group gets to the pick a number N (from pins #1-6) as the first pin to be played during that round by his/her group, or he/she may choose playing position for the first pin. His/her group will then play pins N, N+1, and N+2, with the group wrapping around back to pin #1 if N or N+1 is pin #6. Player order for pins N+1 and N+2 are chosen in reverse finishing order from the prior pin. Once a particular pin (Pin N) has been chosen as a starting first pin by one group, Pin N may not be selected as the starting first pin by another group. Subsequent groups may end up playing Pin N as their second or third pin by selecting Pin N-1 or N-2 as their first pin. If one group is still playing on a second group’s Pin N+1 or N+2 when it is the next pin for the second group to play, the second group shall wait for the first group to finish playing, and not leap-frog to a different pin. If a pin has a catastrophic malfunction, then any groups assigned to that pin will play the pin that is one number higher instead. Final round tie-breakers are still settled according to PAPA rules.”

Feel free to post here or message me or @spraynard with any questions or clarifications needed.

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that is an interesting tweak for sure. is that to avoid waiting for round completion and allow all group to move onto their next game right away with minimum amount of overlap?

Yes, this is one of the main reasons.

Was that the game selection rule from the classics tournament in Copenhagen? I like it. Just don’t borrow their “ties in a playoff round go to the higher qualifying seed” rule!

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TNA would be a modern at Pinburgh.

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I did a test stream with a new computer in preparation of TPF next week. Took the opportunity to give a sneak peak of the “Stars” that will be featured in the main bank. Enjoy.

Indeed. Please see the last sentence that states explicitly that Finals tiebreakers are handled the same as in PAPA rules.

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Will the Classics Finals be streamed?

Sadly no. Not enough cameras

Bummer. I usually enjoy watching classics more as the rules are simpler to figure out and generally the action is more exciting, shorter ball times, etc.

With the diverse lineup of games in the main tournament though things should be pretty fun to watch as well.

Any custom changes to Stargate being made in consideration of ball times?

I’m with you on classics finals being more exciting. But you’re right about the main tournament, every group must play a modern, SS, and EM. Makes for some good matches.

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Toward the end of this thread Louisville Arcade Expo March 2-4 2018 the topics of of tournament costs, time management, payouts, deep pockets, etc. were being discussed at length.

I just wanted to give some appreciation to @Snailman for finding an awesome balance between all these variables for the TPF tournament format.

Limited best game format with 20 entries - Can’t just keep playing a game forever to get the big one. Plus this leaves time to enjoy the rest of the show
Flat entry fee of $70 - Deep pockets aren’t a factor among those competing
Payouts are substantial and clearly listed ahead of time
And for those who want to keep playing, there’s an unlimited classics tourney

Now I just wish I was going! Next year…


Have you seen the underside of the playfield on Elektra? What a nightmare!

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When will the stream start?