Top Tournament Finals Games

** skip my rambling and take the survey if you wish: ****

I LOVE streaming/broadcasting pinball. I am a video producer when I am not playing pinball and so I love video and I love pinball. I have been working on some packaging, bumpers, formats, etc that I will offer to the pinball video world sooner or later. I want tournament broadcasts to be as appealing to die hards and newbies as much as possible. Informative as well as entertaining. But first I am going to run some broadcast where I test the whole thing out.

So that said any good video producer will be prepared for the big event. So for the first trial of this I wanted to be ready for the final 5 games the tournament will play out on. I would see this as final 8 and final 4. I plan on having some history on the games, quick tutorial, past scores from qualifying, etc. This helps educate as well as fill the down time. So to get that info ready for finals I have to have the games pre-selected.

SO… long story long I am taking a survey of people’s favorite games to play in finals. I did a very non-scientific search through past game lists and came up with about 25 games that pop up or that I secretly want to see played more. So take the survey and let me know.

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Are you asking for people’s favorite games, or games that are statistically most likely to appear in a finals bank (so you can prep some related footage for them)?

@joe in a sense both. But bottom line is the games most likely to appear as finals games. Which can be people’s fav or just what shows up. Mainly I want to be prepared for the top games so I can do some short tutorial vids, background, strategy, etc. Basically be able to fill the dead space with information.

One thing I have noticed for a while is that you tend to get the same games in tourneys. More or less. Those are the games that show up all the time at least in the big tournaments.

I like indisc bc they tend to have a very wide selection. Love watching MET or ACDC but they have been taped a million ways from Sunday. And will continue to do so. Doesn’t influence me though. I tape what they play, haha

One thing at INDISC in particular is that Jim/Karl really know games and how to adjust them to make them more tourney ready. They often will disable/tweak things if they are a boring exploit and make the game more dynamic. So I think there’s a lot of games I’d like to see that you don’t often see but perhaps those games would need to be tweaked. Personally I would rather see more diversity in the games in tournies overall…