Simple Strategy for Heavy Metal Melt Down

Working on doing a quick (2 minute) video series for a bunch of games ( see Top Tournament Finals Games ) doing a broadcast this weekend (‘live to tape’ delayed release Sun night do to no internet) and we have a heavy metal melt down available as on of the games we want to feature.

So anyone have a basic strategy to follow on that game?

Got you covered:
Shoot ramp. Lock balls. Start 5-ball MB. Keep shooting ramp. Enjoy the sweet guitar riffs.


RAMP RAMP RAMP RAMP plunge 50k for 5th lock multiball RAMP RAMP RAMP RAMP pray you don’t leave 4 balls for the next player RAMP RAMP RAMP

(During multiball, number of balls controls playfield X, so keep as many in play as you can RAMP RAMP RAMP.)


That’s pretty much what I expected, haha.

So if you’re in a multiplayer game, is there really any option other than going for ramps if you want to prevent leaving your opponents with locked balls?

Since the ramp is easy-access-all-the-time, and generally you can get a feed from the top to your flipper, I don’t think lock protection is as good a plan as it might be on other games. There is very little other scoring of significance because the playfield multiplier is worth a ton, and the ramp might be the highest point-scoring shot anyway.


Not something to fret over in my opinion. Just pound the ramp. Repeat.

If the ramp is backhandable the game is even easier to play. First chance I get I am trying that backhand.

Would have been fun if the design utilized the locked ball as a captive ball shot with a super jack target behind it or something.

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Enjoy the sweet guitar riffs indeed!

Tournament starts in 4 hrs. If you’re within 4 hrs of Columbus you have no excuses, ha.

I’ll post the feed late tonight. It’s a live to tape since we have no net. HEAVY… Metal… MELTDOWN!!

Someone start a band and use HMMD as thier drum machine!!!