The Uncensored Definitive Pinball Podcast List

Pinball Only Podcasts – Current
Bro, Do You Even Talk Pinball?
Canadian Pinball Podcast, The
Coast 2 Coast Pinball
For Amusement Only
Head2Head Pinball Podcast
Kaneda’s Pinball Podcast
Little Kings Pinball Podcast
Meltdown Pinball Podcast
Mrs Pin Podcast
Pinball Players Podcast,
Pinball Podcast, The
Pinball Profile
Pinheadz Pinball Podcast, The
Pints and Pinball Podcast, The
Pinball News and Pinball Magazine Podcast
Rip Tide Pinball Podcast
Skill Shot Pincast, The
Slam Tilt Podcast, The
Spinner is Lit Podcast, The
Spooky Pinball Podcast, The
Straight Down the Middle, A Pinball Show
This Flippin Podcast
Tilt Thru Podcast
Tucson Pinball Podcast
Wide World of Pinball, The

Pinball Only Podcasts – No Longer Running
Beige Knight Pinball Podcast
Boom Go Pinball Podcast
Coinbox Pinball Podcast
Cornball Pincast, The
Dead Flip podcast, The
One And Done Pinball Podcast
Pinball Soul Podcast, The
Silverball Podcast, The
Talk Pinball

Mixed Arcade and Pinball Podcasts
Arcade Heroes Podcast
Arcade Hunters Podcast
Arcade Repair Tips Podcasts
Broken Token Podcast, The
Coin Rejects Podcast
Eclectic Gamers Podcast
Flippin and Mashing
Gameroom Junkies Podcast,
Podcasters Guide to the Gameroom, The
Retro Gaming Roundup, The

Mixed Arcade and Pinball Podcasts – No Longer Running
Arcade Outsiders Podcast
Geek Gamer Weekly

Virtual Pinball Podcasts
Pins and Vids Audio Show
BlahCade Podcast



Didn’t realize we had that many podcasts as a community!

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Please don’t copy/paste from other sites. I guess you did add one more to the top of the list though.

Thats fine, it would be nice if a pinball site had a real complete list of podcasts, the edits do make it a transformative work.

I’ve made the post into a wiki and arranged the list alphabetically. If someone has the energy they can go through and add the links that weren’t copied over.

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i appreciate the copy past as I do not go on Pinside :slight_smile:


No problem, while we may not agree with the opinions of podcasters, it is important that free speech is protected.


Added This Flippin Podcast. Shout out to Tommy and Taylor!


Must have missed one in the editing my bad, so may Podcasts now!

Just so everyone’s clear about what you did, in your edit you deleted This Flippin’ Podcast from the list, and moved Kaneda Pinball Podcast out of alphabetical order, placing it first on the list for a second time.


This list is pointless. Anyone capable of reading Tilt is also capable of using a search engine to find pinball content, including podcasts. Shady edits make the motives of @Eggman questionable. Tilt doesn’t need to be a part of whatever beef is happening. Delete it.

No I must have edited out the Rss and iTunes on a non refreshed browser or something, I did not re add it to the top, not sure why including all podcasts is so controversial?

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I didn’t mean to cutout anyone, just trying to clean up the list using my phone with sausage fingers

Having a list of all known active podcasts and keeping it up to date is useful, IMO. I would have loved to have something like this two years ago.

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Thanks for the support :kissing_heart:

-This Flippin Podcast


Yeah, it would have been nice if you had credited the original page, it’s a fair bit of work to keep it updated with all the links and such.

For the record, I personally have nothing against Kaneda’s Podcast and would actually prefer it if the Pinside list was complete in the interests of sound documentation but the list is on Pinside (and it predates Kaneda’s Podcast I might add) so I have to abide by their rules. I did add Kaneda’s Podcast to the list back when he posted his first episode but the moderators removed it after he was banned from Pinside.

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Regardless, the pinside version is still incomplete. It is nice to see the Tilt fourm rising above the censorship nonsense.

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Ah, everyone’s favorite “no one gets to see the edit history on posts…except when I feel like using it to shame someone!” :wink:

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Unfortunately Bowen is just plain wrong, I did not intentionally re add Kaneda to the top, I just didn’t refresh the browser when I removed the Broken link crap.