The New Pinball Dictionary


You are correct. There are quite a few terms and other jargon that could be there. I may have to go on a “dictionary entry posting streak” to catch up.

That’s a reason why I am glad there are places like this topic here on TiltForums. It serves as a place where people with good ideas can just post them, discuss them here, and don’t have to wait for me to make posts to the “Hall of Fame”.

Plus, since far more people visit TiltForums than my site, people are more likely to see this topic here first before noticing the “Main Page” on FWB.

I’ve also got some terms in the bullpen. Here are a few of them in no particular order:

Avatarred, Valid/Validation, Magna Drain, MagnaPass, Dead Money, Donator, Perfect (as a prefix), The Usher, The Arkanoid Drain / The Breakout Drain / The Inside-the-Park Home Run, Skillz, Juggling, Bunny Hop/Flipper Hop

Others can be found on one the alternate NPD areas:

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Fun with bonus feedback thread

In honor of Prince. Experiencing numerous outlane drains on Ghost Busters = “Purple Pain”.:grin:


“Play it forward”

To start a session on a game that someone has left a credit for you to play, and perform well enough to leave a credit for someone else, without paying any money yourself.


I like the “GC Donor” version of that: post the GC score and walk away, leaving multiple credits for whomever.


The Donor(1) is also Playing it forward if they didn’t need to pay for the games when they started.

But, other types of Donors(2) are in the tournament scene. They help to increase the pot.


Might I suggest one? I don’t know if it’s too inappropriate, but a term I personally use is humper to refer to a player who nudges the machine forward every time he or she presses a flipper button, as from behind, it looks like the player is, well, humping the machine. Things change if there’s a multiball though. Sometimes, they stop, but sometimes, they become a vigorous humper in that now they’re nudging the machine a lot more. Unsurprisingly, humpers get a lot of tilt penalties.


Oldsters do this.


What about those who hump the machine in frustrating after a drained ball? I know I’ll give a machine a love check on occasion if it wants to play rough.


Personally, I’d call that Tough Love.


fifth wheel: Someone who loses a tiebreaker to make it to the finals


The Drains: Like the “shanks” in golf, when you are just not able to have a good game all night, no matter what you try. “Nah, I’m not playing int the weekly tonight, I have a bad case of the Drains, so I’m going to head on home”

Gordon Bombay: Named after Emilio Estevez’s character in “the Mighty Ducks”, a player who hits more posts than shots. “I’m Gordon Bombay tonight, 10 shots, not one ramp, all posts”


Kitty: When the machine you’re playing courteously gives you a Lazarus then you proceed to unintentionally let go of the flipper letting gravity put that ball back down the drain. Referring to the flipper resembling a cat batting at something. (Credit to Nick Greenup of KC,MO)


“Trough Lollie” - When in a new Stern machine the trough optos get confused or fail and the game serves you up a second ball. For an instant you think, sweet, (or when you first start learning to play) - free multiball, only to realise as soon as you drain one your turn is over, and indeed, often enough, so is the rest of the game - the machine has taken a wee on you.

Named from the old style urinal cakes (aka dunny onions or trough lollies) found in mens toilets.


Chop Save: On Rob Zombie pinball, leaving one chop light unlit and collecting the final light on an outlane drain.


Royal Farewell Bomb: when you finish Royal Madness with a troll bomb as the ball drains. (league a couple of months ago)


Is there a term for grinding your way to a wizard mode like Portal or Horde or Tour the Mansion and completely flaming out?

If not, there should be!


Wizard Dump?

Ex: Dude, I just took the biggest wizard dump ever… made every shot for Conquer Mars then immediately bricked the scoop and center drained off the martian target to start Rule.


Lyman Units

A reference to the tendency on games programmed by Lyman Sheats to be extremely generous in their countdown timers and jackpot grace periods.

"The timer says 10 but that is in Lyman Units, so it is probably more like 20 seconds."
“I got the grace period jackpot, it was at like -5 Lyman Units.”


House Lock

Similar to a House Ball. After locking a ball, plunge another ball out on the playfield and drain without it touching any flipper. Outlanes count.


Full Count

When you have two dangers during multiball: 3 balls and 2 fouls.