The New Pinball Dictionary


I played some Spider-man today and I came to think of two additional terms that I use.

Tool multiball

A multiball mode where you omit going for the immediate goals and instead shoot for general progress/points. I stated Doc Ork and shot for Venom and Goblin progress.

Spray the playfield

That shoot-anything element of playing a multiball. Typically early on with 3-5 balls and ball saver running. And on games where there are Jackpot of every major shot or something like that.

I got it from a movie where a mass-assassin job was described as “you kick down the door and spray the room”. Or something like that. Regretfully I do not remember which movie it was.


I usually hear those referred to as “utility multiball” and “spray n’ pray”.


A nomination told to me at PAPA 19, which works not only for pinball, and makes all the sense:


A tiebreaker match to determine which player or players receive a bye in the next round of playoffs.

(Adam Lefkoff/Donovan Stepp)


“John Plunge”

This is the ghost player that gets plunged out when only players 1/3 are played (most often in early SS games for the IFPA WC).

When your score can’t beat the plunged ball scores of the ghost players, it’s “losing to John Plunge”.

“My Eight Ball game was so bad, I lost to John Plunge”.

Courtesy of Keith Elwin


“Walk of Shame”

In a pin-golf format when you’re the only player left that hasn’t hit the target score, and you’re forced to sit there and plunge all the balls of the other players who are already finished. Then you don’t reach your target score on the next ball and have to do it all over again plunging everyone else out.

Courtesy of Keith Elwin at the IFPA Pin-Masters


If there are two ghosts (player 2/4) to prevent tilt throughs, would the second ghost be called:

  1. John Plunge II
  2. John Plunge Jr.
  3. John Plunge 2
  4. John Plunge Too


The second ghost is definitely “Trent IV” :slightly_smiling:


No the walk of shame is when you are already eliminated going into game 3. Here you are on PAPA tv walking up to play a meaningless game. Pingolf was last man plunging.


Is it time to add “Nuked”? Zach got Nuked on GoT :wink: For those that don’t know the term comes from 24 when the Nuke superjackpot had a bug which made it worth 20x anything else you could hope to accomplish in the game. So if you got the Nuke bug and your opponent didn’t they have no chance of catching up.


Fuck that’s right.

Walk of Shame, Last Man Plunging, John Plunge . . . you’ve been on a hot streak of good shit!


Whether it’s added or not, it’s definitely the term I used when explaining it to anyone that asked what happened :slightly_smiling:


Sigh…where’s Fred, I need a hug



Was there something subliminal in the choice of “John” for the Plunger’s name, as opposed to Joe Plunge or Tom(my) Plunge? Maybe something about plungers being used to, ah, clear the way for John? [After a #2?]


I just found it impossible to not laugh after hearing “John Plunge” when Keith said it.


In one of my IFPA rounds, someone in my group lost to Johnny Plunge Sr. on Time Fantasy. It was pretty remarkable because on ball 3, Johnny managed to complete all 5 lanes up top using just the pop bumpers and with no lane changes!


Good thing John Plunge, Esq. wasn’t opposing counsel v. Roger Sharpe et al. or that verdict may have gone the other way!


“Post Pinball Depression” [PPD]

The feels that happen when a player either:

  • Realizes they have failed to qualify for the finals after the “Late Night Beat Down
  • Has played their last ball of a tournament and is eliminated from the finals
  • Has to leave after the PAPA/Pinburgh After Party closing time
  • Keeps replaying the last ball they played in the tournament over and over again in their head, trying to figure out what they could have done differently.

Derivatives: “Post PAPA Depression”, “Post Pinburgh Depression”

Facebook video link example of PPD

Nominators: Bryan Broyles, Brian Dye
Renominated by: Benjamin Franklin Granger


“Crank it Off”

It’s a tweak on crank it down … Make sure you’re running version 1.6 or earlier on Metallica, be losing by less than 5 million, shoot in the CIU scoop, choose to Crank it Down for 5 million, walk away from the game victorious …

Only to realize there’s a bug that doesn’t award any points when you crank it down, lose the game, yell at Lyman who happens to be less than 30 feet away and convince him that he’s the reason you lost the game instead of taking responsibility for always making sure your score passes your opponents score before walking away :slight_smile:


So, the opposite of a walk-off home run victory is a Crank It Off loss?

Actually, I don’t see a term for the shot that produces a Walk-Off win in the Pinball Dictionary. We need a variation of “Flip-Off” for the shot that puts your score over the top to win (Flip-Off sounds too much like something else). Maybe Clincher Flip?

While I’m in this thread, I don’t see “airball” on the dictionary page. Seems like it ought to be there.