The New Pinball Dictionary


Fingerbang: When the machines are too close together and you brush the fingers of the player next to you.


Any term for that instance where you’replaying in a public place, and someone enthusiastic is trying to have a conversation with you and physically hits you, causing an adverse effect?

'Cause I was playing at an AC/DC in a movie theater about two weeks ago, and a lady on a cell phone had just hung up. Apparently looking for someone to talk to, she started conversing with me. It was hard to concentrate on both the game and her conversation (especially as she was talking about a friend of hers I don’t know) but I tried to just speak what I could. Eventually, she got so caught up talking to me that she went up to me and nudged me on the shoulder, causing me to drain. (She wasn’t mad or anything. Just really, REALLY into whatever she was talking about.)

I feel like there HAS to be a term for that kind of person…


You are a very considerate player. :slightly_smiling:

My first thought was to suggest a term with the word “Interruptus” in it since your play was being interrupted. The goal being to define the situation instead of the person.

But then I remembered that the term “Pinballus Interruptus” has been nominated as:

When the arcade suddenly turns the power out at closing time, especially when you are having a very good game.

Nominators: Steve Marsh, Ray Brehm

So I am back to square one, so far.

Now, words like “Extrovert” “Unintentional” and “Projection” are crossing my mind …


This always reminds of “Jazz Hands Jeff” (right?) from the Elwins’ video.


Yeah, and I think “Annoying Al” is the one that probably fits the scenario @SunsetShimmer described.


Heh, thanks for the suggestions. It’s the sort of thing I’d probably talk about many years later, as I had never seen a bystander do such a thing before (and I hope to never have it happen again), and I had hoped there’s something less clumsy to say than “Person who enthusiastically wants your attention while playing and will do so physically.”

“Annoying Al” sounds nice to use. Is there any person named Al that it’s based on?


Would this also account for situations like when a player slides the game next to you into yours, causing you to drain / tilt?


Something like that can upgrade an “Annoying Al” to a “Bulldozing Bill”, a “Bum-rushing Barbara” or a “Bashing Bob”.


Since it doesn’t exist, we can coin it. How about “Busybody”?

(Still trying to avoid using names … :slightly_smiling:)


You guys notice how normally people are pretty sensitive about personal space, but when you’re at a pinball, you get treated like furniture?
It’s happened to me bunches of times in a bar, folks hanging out nearby will just lean their butt right up against my flippin finger. Like hello, how do you not feel some giant jazz hand wriggling underneath your bum?


How about the small child that squeezes in between two machines to see what you’re doing. now on the plus side its cool to see them take an interest, hopefully he becomes a player, but their head blocks view of the pf, their body gets in the way of your flipping hand, and you just know someday you’re gonna forget they’re there and get in major trouble when you have to pull off a sudden slide save and BAM!


What about just being “Kissed”? Gene Simmonsed may be more accurate, but it’s kind of a mouthful (see what I did there?).

Demon Drained.


Kids between games don’t bother me, as long as they’re not waving their hands over the playfield. The ones I don’t like are the ones who climb under the games, or between me and the game. You want to yank them aside, but they’re not your kids, so you can’t!

I play a lot at a location that has tons of kids (sportsplex). The cool thing about kids is they’ll blurt out whatever is on their mind. Dozens of times I’ve had a kid watch me for a minute or less, then say ‘You’re really good’. I always thank them, then tell them that I practice a lot. It does wonders for your ego hearing ‘You’re really good’ over and over, even if it’s just coming from kids. Hell yes I am really good. d;^)


bummed out?


In our league we always say “Gene Simmons gives terrible head”.


When they are blocking my flipping hand, all of a sudden I feel like I am playing while in a straitjacket. I hope I get really accurate, because I don’t want to have to move anything. It’s like the ultimate TILT warning.

Come to think of it, “straitjacket” needs to be a word for a thing. Not sure for what though.


Pity like for the excellent Dad-joke!


Oftentimes, the people leaning up against the machine as you’re playing them don’t really mean it. I always say, “Excuse me please, but I’m playing this machine,” and they’ll back off in a mix of surprise and guilt. It is quite bizarre to me though when they do it as someone is playing.

My guess is that they think they ARE giving you the space you need, as I think to most people, the idea of nudging never even comes up or they think it’s cheating. Also, I’m sure they assume that pinball machines would be like other similarly large items in that they are rigid and fixed, not realizing they actually give a little bit to allow for nudging. When they’re right up against the flipper buttons, on the other hand…I have nothing I can think of besides that they are likely people who don’t really respect private space to begin with (or, in rare instances, are subtly trying to suggest for you to leave).

To see what you’re doing? Heck, at Chaparral Lanes on weekends, they will CLIMB ONTO THE MACHINES’ PLAYFIELD GLASS, even when you’re playing them! They’re too busy chasing each other having too much fun to realize someone might actually be using them! Chaparral Lanes, you see, has a row of five to seven machines, and the kids will usually climb onto one at an end and run across them screaming and squealing. This is rare though; more often, they run underneath the machines or will try to shove you out of the way. (I do remember one case where a little girl’s mother saw her shoving me, and she walked into the arcade area, grabbed her by the wrist, and escorted her out telling her not to shove people. The girl was not really listening and was too upset that her mom had ended her fun.)

Between these kinds of incidents, of people leaning on machines when you’re playing on them and kids treating them as jungle gyms, it’s a pretty dismal sign when the average person just treats pinball machines as blocks up against a wall, bercause someone actually playing on them is such an unexpected occurrence to them. Or maybe it’s just me.


Does this move have a name?

It’s kind of like a mini drop catch out of the inlane. It slows the ball down just enough to trap it on the same flipper. If it’s going too fast Jorian is able to do some little baby flicks to keep it on the right flipper. I’ve used that move before but I’ve never heard a name for it.

Flip stop?
Inlane catch?
Drop stop?


New term per PAPA Classics 1 for coming from behind by more than a score rollover to win a game on the final ball: Getting Stoned - - see semifinal game with Zach, Bowen, Bob and, as player 4, Kevin Stone.