Fun with bonus feedback thread

Continuing the discussion from The New Pinball Dictionary:

Just opening a thread to talk about FWB, as opposed to only the New PInball Dictionary.

@FunWithBonus, can you please, please include the posting time on the items on your site? I can never figure out if there’s ‘new stuff’ on it . The new(ish?) redesign is much nicer than the old layout in terms of finding stuff, but having the timestamp on news items would make it a lot easier to figure out if stuff is topical.


First of all, thanks for starting this. I appreciate the constructive criticism. I try to have at least one post per day on the site. Sometimes it’s based on new stuff, sometimes it’s old stuff that I missed, sometimes it’s “retro” ;).

Each post could be about something that happened yesterday or a while ago. It can depend on when I happen to see it and when I have time to post about it.

The “randomizers” are on the bottom, and they draw from old posts. Now that there are more than 3.5 years of daily posts on this current version, I need a more precise, date-based randomizer.

Regarding the time-stamps, are there others in agreement that it would be better to do this? Assuming the answer would be yes, here is what I’ve found so far:

I can put the date in there, but the line would look like this for example:


This line would appear each time after every post, including after each list item on the home page and feature pages like the New Pinball Dictionary, The List of Pinball Excuses and Mega-R-Cade. That could be awkward since those pages are dated in 2012, right before I started the daily posting streak. (It also reminds me that I really need to add stuff to the last two feature pages.)

Anyway, since SSB is the only post maker (so far…) it might look strange to have that there each time. It’s here where I inquire if people would like to make guests posts on the site. Seriously. I am open to inviting other contributors (especially those who have already been vetted by TiltForums) if you are so inclined.

Inserting the full time-stamp looks possible. I just have to learn how to do it correctly. There must be a quick way to put the date and time in while leaving my name and the category out. Or, maybe it can show only on the posts themselves and not the home page.

To sum up, if it really helps you and others, I am open to making that change. I just need to learn a couple of things, and the site might look awkward if you happen to see it while I’m working that out.

It should be possible to do it automagically on every post in your content management package, with any subset of the category, the author, and the date.

The reason I’m interested is that I don’t get to your site everyday, and as your display includes random elements I can never figure out what’s ‘new’ and what’s not.

The “new” stuff lives in the main left column from the top down. However, “new” can be relative.

For example: The next “new” post is on something I noticed about three or so days ago. It will be followed by something posted on the Fun With Bonus Facebook group yesterday morning.

After doing some code editing and using some help files, I’m happy with the changes. :slight_smile:

Looking at the site again now vs. when I started the thread, I can’t see any changes even with a clear cache. :slightly_smiling: The cards in the left column, they want dates!

@DHS These blue tabs aren’t showing up for you?
<img src="/uploads/default/original/1X/050a8495474847669fc318e0641b787e5ef63a18.jpg" width=“397” ">

And this line isn’t appearing when you click in an article?

They are now, weren’t yesterday. The mysteries of the internet… Thx!