The New Pinball Dictionary


I feel like that’s so much more common that it’s a different category of failure. The “out” part of Tapout is the outlane which is much less common, and worthy of it’s own term!


I call either variant a “crap-pass” :slight_smile:


“TipTap” for a would-be Shatz or alley pass that changes to a tap pass at the last moment.

My “old sounds” memory circuit heard those and now suggests “El-Kabong” for a failed alley pass that hits the opposite flipper end hard and then center drains.

TapOut sounds great, but for just the side drain version. The too-weak version could be Tapathetic.


Came up with a new one this weekend at league…

“Runner runner” or “Back door”

From the corresponding poker terms, this phrase refers to the situation in which the only way someone can win the tournament is through a specific opponent getting 4th while they get 1st, (in 4-2-1-0 scoring this happens after one player has won the first two games and another has gotten second in the first two games), leading to the 8-8 tie breaker. They then win the tie breaker to win the tournament, thus catching the “back door flush draw” or “runner runner”.

Example: “They were basically locked out from winning but managed to runner runner his way to victory” or “They were basically locked out from winning but back door’ed to win the whole thing”


The most extreme case of this is the 6-5-2-1 situation where you’re the player with 2. To win, you must place 1st, the person with 1 must place 2nd, the person with 5 must place 3rd, and the person with 6 must place 4th. Then you must win the 3-way tiebreaker!