The New Pinball Dictionary


Is there a name for the poses when people show what place they got while holding their cash and trophies? I don’t see a lot of photos of winners of other types of contests since I only really play and compete in pinball.


Place Face?
Smiling Places?
Finish Fingers?
Only One of Us is Happy and Two are Pretending?
Cash Flash?
Poor Man’s Podium?

I vote for Finish Fingers. I like that one because for the Finnish players we can see the Finnish fingers’ Finish Fingers.


“Ball Oneder” - You’re having an amazing ball 1 and you’re on track for a wizard mode or new personal best. Then your balls 2 and 3 end within a minute.


I like the term “ball oneder”, but I thought you were going to say it’s when you start as player 1 in a four player group and you think you’ve added the other 3 players in, but the game won’t show you anything other than the skill shot graphic, so you are left to wonder if in fact you have started a legal four player game or not…


We call that a “Power Drain” round these parts. Usually the ball is flying super fast, and like you say, there is not much you can do about it.


Hmmm… I’ve always considered a “power drain” to be any time the ball slams into the center drain or outlane at a high rate of speed, no bounce, nothing but net.


The Swap: When your mist multiball start shot is so perfect that the active ball displaces the ball on the magnet.

Here’s an example of getting ‘almost swapped.’


In the recent SCS, I had a mist multiball shot that perfectly hit the mist ball into the coffin and started coffin mb, but the mist balls simply swapped positions. By the time the coffin mb started, the mist multiball was gone. Wish I had a video of it, it was amazing.


Hahaha. Yeah, I’ve done that once before.
Awesome / not-awesome.


Even worse is the “trick shot of doom” where you billiard the mist ball around the right orbit into a lit video mode, which kills the flippers. If the balls do NOT do “the swap” you need to try to die in the VM ASAP before you lose the mist MB you just started…


That is just crazy. Goes to show that you don’t need to create a system with many moving parts before you get unexpected complexity and emergent behavior that no-one would anticipate. Pinballs suffer from lack of system testing. (See the skill shot exploit on Ghostbusters.)


How about a Newton?

This is the act of hitting another ball during multiball to deflect it from going SDTM.

A newton cradle would be the process of holding 2 balls on a flipper and then letting another ball bounce off the two balls and land on the opposite flipper.


Drac only got one revision. 1.0. It has relatively simple rules, but they didn’t too bad with only one try. If you have it at 6.5 degrees or more, combo video mode is extremely rare.

In my book, the GB skill shot exploit is a cheat. Right up there with the hip cheat (hip plunger during MB so auto plunger doesn’t launch balls kicked into the shooter lane: one ball MB). You can’t really anticipate cheats in testing. Maybe in video games, but not pins.


I disagree with that. If players can find the cheats, so can testers. It’s just that there isn’t enough testing.


Lyman recently fixed a similar bug in Metallica. No reason it can’t be fixed in GB.


Nomination: “Prepare to Drain”

When you attempt a shot and you know that 9 out of 10, it will result in an instant drain. Example: On some AFM machines, a failed lock shot brings the ball screaming to the right outlane.


Example 2: Collecting Extra Ball on White Water. I refer to that shot as the bonus collect.


Avoid the Void / Into the Void

When a player is so upset about a bad game during pump and dump qualifying, that they disappear from the machine before the scorekeeper even makes it over to record the voided entry. This usually leaves responsibility on the next player in line to inform the scorekeeper what happened.


Tapout / Tapped Out

When your tap pass is too strong and goes over the sling, directly into the outlane.


Or is too weak… or fails completely. Either way you center drain.