The New Pinball Dictionary


Is there a name for the poses when people show what place they got while holding their cash and trophies? I don’t see a lot of photos of winners of other types of contests since I only really play and compete in pinball.


Place Face?
Smiling Places?
Finish Fingers?
Only One of Us is Happy and Two are Pretending?
Cash Flash?
Poor Man’s Podium?

I vote for Finish Fingers. I like that one because for the Finnish players we can see the Finnish fingers’ Finish Fingers.


“Ball Oneder” - You’re having an amazing ball 1 and you’re on track for a wizard mode or new personal best. Then your balls 2 and 3 end within a minute.


I like the term “ball oneder”, but I thought you were going to say it’s when you start as player 1 in a four player group and you think you’ve added the other 3 players in, but the game won’t show you anything other than the skill shot graphic, so you are left to wonder if in fact you have started a legal four player game or not…


We call that a “Power Drain” round these parts. Usually the ball is flying super fast, and like you say, there is not much you can do about it.


Hmmm… I’ve always considered a “power drain” to be any time the ball slams into the center drain or outlane at a high rate of speed, no bounce, nothing but net.