The New Pinball Dictionary


“The Golden Cliffs were paying out great until they made a direct deposit to the right outlane”


After the recent code update, I’ve been playing a lot of Walking Dead. So, submitted for your approval…

In TWD, if you’ve partially completed the drop target bank, and then proceed to miss completing the drops so often you get ball searched, the drops reset. (Ask me why I know this! :expressionless:)

When this happens the game will subsequently ignore your next completion of the drop target bank, no matter what you do. They’re Zombie Drops!

Along those same lines, when I successfully complete the drops on TWD, but the drop target bank resets and flings the ball out of control and into the drain, I tend to think of that as Dropping Dead.


Zombie Drops! :rofl:


Not sure if this has been added to dictionary yet. A term for when you miscalculate a dead bounce and hits hinge/inlane metal and rolls right into the trough?


I’ve just been going with “bullshit” for that.


Crook Drain




IMHO this isn’t anything special, any more than any other errant flips (or non-flips) are “special”. It’s true that there are lots of ways that I suck, but they don’t all warrant a name…


Locally we’ve been calling the unavoidable drains from bash/magnets getting “Borg’d.”

Example: hit the toy box in Aerosmith and watch helplessly as the magnets fling the pinball directly to a drain with too much velocity to save.

We call it getting Borg’d because nearly all his games can (and will in competition) do it to you.


I’ve heard Steve call this a Joint Drain.


Heh, I call balls that dribble down upper loop shots to the opposite outlane getting Ritchie’d. Most common on HS2, but doable on any Steve game.


Paragoon - A derisive name for Paragon, generally when it screws you.

We have all had those games - your balls are Paragone, your drop target hits drain, and the Beast Lair might as well be a giant outlane. Someone put a hit out on your pinball scores, and Paragon was the goon hired to do the dirty work.


I lump this in with “Derp Catch”. “Derp Bounce”.


Fun with Fun with Bonus

When a game awards you a Collect Bonus award very early in a game.

Example: the Game Saucer in Jack·Bot.


Actually, I’d categorize that as anti-fun, since you haven’t had a chance to build up the bonus enough to make it worth using up the only Colllect bonus award you’re likely to randomly receive. Also applies on some other machines, including as a Bazaar choice on TOTAN. Maybe “premature fun with bonus”?


But the game may have extra fun with that, 'cause it’s an ‘extraordinary’ chance to have fun with it.
(i’m not at native english speaker)


What is it called when you have an awful game that knocks you out of a tournament, and then you immediately play the game afterwards and destroy it?


When either Zach and I get knocked out of Classics we’ll typically throw out going to quickly “Rage Qualify” over in the main tournament before calling it a night.


I’ve been calling that a redemption game. Like, I know I can play better, and I have to prove it to myself and the machine.


Sad thing is how often those turn out to be GC scores.

I’ve sometimes thought of it as “staying after school.” [Do they still do that?]

Like the pro golfer who 3-putts his last two holes of the round, then goes to the practice green and drains 5 long ones in a row.