The New Pinball Dictionary


Derp Catch

When you attempt a drop catch and the ball hits the lane guide or has too much spin and makes a beeline for the drain.


I’ve always heard this referred to as a “breakout”.


Another reason why pump and dump needs to die a horrible death.


I know what you’re describing as cat paw. We call it a flutter catch =)


We call that a cliffhanger drain =)



I suggest the term “cliffhanger drain” for when you’re trying to cradle a ball that has just a LITTLE too much to stop, or not enough to rollover pass, and goes down the center drain right before your eyes.

We have a couple guys doing a “flutter catch”. They do the slightest flip before a live catch and it calms the ball just right to control it. Someone here called it cat paw, but they’re description was better :+1:


The Thing

That one thing you want to do on a game for all the cheddar. Super Jackpot? Playfield Multiplier? Max Bonus? Depends on the game, but just about every game has a thing.


From another thread @CFFLegs had a great suggestion. Those that brag about sandbagging. “Sandbragging”. :+1:



A player at Pinburgh who sandbags to avoid getting into A division, presumably because they don’t think they’d fare well there on day 2 and want to win some money against lesser opposition in B.



To brick a shot… deliciously.


“Cradle to the Grave” seems like it would apply to any drain that was immediately preceeded by a cradle. i.e. - gain control, take a deep breath, brick that multiball start off the post and straight to the outlane.


Don’t know if there’s a term for this already, but I’m watching the Sanctum stream and in the past five minutes I have seen three slap saves that ended up going to the perfect shot that they wanted on the game.
Slap Shot?


For me, it’s hard to think of anything else when talking about Slap Shot.


I wish I played it more than I do when I’m there :slight_smile:


We just got a new motor in it! Darn thing was hard to track down, and expensive!

Also it’s hard to not want to play all the pinball.


Now I know @FunWithBonus’s favorite nominations have a video reference. This one courtesy of @keefer commenting on a @PressStart strategy decision during the Pinburgh 2014 finals.

Rage-Starting: Choosing to play first out of frustration from losing the prior game played.


This came up during the SPL finals:

Direct Deposit:
When a kicker kicks a ball directly into the outlane, without any recourse to save it. See: Flash Gordon


Nice. I like this. I will use it in a sentence:

I just hate when a scoop on Paragon makes a direct deposit to the Beast Layer!


Lol, I wasn’t rage starting, I remember this specifically cause Kevin came up to me and was like Adam your first on EBD.

I was like I lost BSD, don’t I get to choose order first and Kevin said, nope seed has choice. I knew it felt weird, but I was like, oooook, guess I’m going first…

Only to find out after the game that Kevin had made a mistake and the last thing I wanted was to go first. For subsequent games I got to choose my correct order :slight_smile:



Although, I think we can all agree that rage-starting is a thing. I know I’ve seen it in Pinburgh constantly.