The New Pinball Dictionary


Slightly related, but I love the sound of the scoop shots on sttng and the addams family vault. For some reason to me those have more of a satisfying clank noise.


I always associate Death Clank with the sound of the coil firing the ball into the trough in nascar after you’ve drained.

Every single time it happens I’m expecting a ball to be kicked into the shooter lane, that I’d missed I had ball save lit, but no, it’s just p!$$ing with me.


You know what needs a name? That thing when you’re expecting a bounce, but you catch the metal instead and the ball instantly rolls down the middle via horrible player error.

I suppose I should nominate something… Maybe Death Flip (as opposed to dead flip). Or Trough pass as opposed to bounce pass.


I’ve always heard that called a “crook drain”. As in hitting the crook of the flipper and also crook like you got robbed on what looked to be controllable.


Ah yes, I see that in the dictionary now. Also apparently @FunWithBonus asked that same exact question:

(Non-flammable link provided)


Would this also cover the situation where the ball actually does hit the flipper, but weakly drifts up and arcs SDTM? Often involves Superbands or broken bushings.


I don’t think so. The crook drain is a special kind of pain where it looks like a manageable situation then it rips down the flipper faster than you can react.


Yeah, I just mentally put all these into the category of “I could have done something but I did nothing and paid the price.”


How about a name for the phenomenon where the flipper has a little give, like a millimeter or less, so a bounce pass becomes drop into the drain.

I don’t even have a good idea what to call it except frustrating as hell.


Yeah that’s what I was talking about with the broken bushing reference.


And my favorite, most BSD’s :smiley:


We’ve had two terms for variants of this since the 1970’s. The variant where the ball hits the metal just above the flipper and limp-hops over it DTM is “wire bite”; the variant where it hits the elbow and drains quickly across the face of the flipper is a death bounce (death vs. dead).


I recently (this Saturday) had a brand-new player get extremely confused about death save vs. dead bounce. Like, really upset and panicked that he had done something against the rules that he didn’t fully understand.


Sponge flip? Sponge bounce? Sponge death? Inactive drop catch? Hands-free live catch?


Designated Driver:

In a finals match, the player who chooses the game when the top seeded player(s) elect to choose position rather than game.


I’m catching up here…

I’ve had Moonwalk as part of my list. Now to decide whether to use a Michael Jackson GIF or a moon landing GIF as the header image. :slight_smile:


Also, here some others that are on this mystical “list” that I referred to before:

  • Stoned / Getting Stoned
  • Liquid Skill (reminded to me by: Skill Shot Pincast #27)
  • Last Man Plunging
  • Moonwalk
  • Play it Forward
  • Walk of Shame
  • Pump and Dump / Pay to Play / Herb Style (multiple listings for one entry)
    *Alternate terms for a “Best Game” tournament where players pay an entry fee for each individual attempt at a game.
  • CLUless
    *The horrible inability to complete CLU on Tron, or any other Tron mode for that matter. From Joel Cohen:
  • Tech. Pass -
  • Bye-breaker - (lefkoff/stepp) a tiebreaker for the bye spot in a tournament.
  • Butterflippers -
    *Can someone Photoshop a Butterfingers bar to say Butterflippers?
  • Valid / Validation
    *I am going to TRY to define this. (I will probably fail the first few times.)
  • Newton Cradle Separation - - Evan Bingham
  • Shatzing Yourself/Shatzing the bed/Shatbow/Rainbow Shatz (???)
    *Shatzing the inlane too hard such that it goes up the inlane and around to the opposite outlane.
  • Altoid flippers - When you come across a location game that is dirty and in need of much repair but the flippers are curiously strong. | “Did you try the Batman at the Hudson Grille? It’s a piece of sh*t but it does have Altoid flippers.” [Chris Compton]
  • Homesick (lefkoff) playing a game you own at a tournament and sucking at it.
  • House round Like a house entry but in pinburgh match play (Already taken by the Three-Egg-Omelete)
  • “The Usher” (a type of multiball simuldraineous event where one ball leads the other down the drain)
  • The conveyor belt. (Star trek tng multiabll jackpot streak)
  • The Inside-the-park Home Run (drain) AKA The Arkanoid Drain AKA The Breakout Drain
  • Skillz = When someone asks you how you did something great in a pinball game and you don’t want to admit it was luck. Also used (just as annoyingly) are: Because i’m a gangster like that, and “Because I’m pro.”
  • “Locking your keys in the car” (Rick Prince) - Happens on classic games that have inlanes with openings at the corner of them (suicide outlanes). It’s that feeling you get when you try to control the ball by catching it with the flipper, only to see the ball slowly drift up the inlane, through the gap and down the outlane.
  • Suicide Outlane (Find Grand prix/300/CGR video of Mark B. from CGR draining down the suicide outlane)
  • “Hammering” - Repeated “sniping attempts” in PAPA style or repeatedly playing the same game in Herb style
  • “Turtling” - repeated defensive tactics - Instead of trying to do a completely better entry overall
  • Biological Warfare - B/O (as opposed to Chemical Warfare which involves flatulence)

Request #1:

  • Extension of sniping and defense for PAPA style qualifying? - a term for purposely tilting your bonus away so as to not score enough to hurt a previous entry. Purposely sacrificing your bonus so that your reinforcement doesn’t hurt the first entry. At first glance I’m thinking of words in the neighborhood of “casualty” and “sacrifice”.

  • What’s it called when I look at my top score in an entry, and play to come close but not surpass it? It’s sort of like defense but slightly different. You are playing purposely not to harm your previous entry, with the possibility of putting up another good entry. It’s sort of like “defensive reinforcement”, but I think we can do a little better than that.
    – Scott Charles and Jim Fordham

Request #2

  • Some variation of “buying the tournament” … Donators/Donors who don’t qualify (Dead Money vs. Benefactors who do qualify

Request #3 From The Pinball Podcast

  • Not quite short plunge? - "What is it called when you plunged the ball by hitting the plunger in, as opposed to pulling the plunger back. Games like Metallica and X-Men benefit from this move, for example. The dictionary doesn’t have an entry for that move yet, so we decided to ask for your help! Let’s suggest some names for that technique! I threw Slap Plunge and Push Plunge out there, but can you think of something more on-the-nose? It’s not quite a short plunge… "
    – The Pinball Podcast
    Suggestions from contributors were: Power Plunge, Slap Plunge, Plunge Lunge. Plunge Palm. Smack Attack, Shove Shot, Silver Rod Slapper, Slam Plunge, Splunge

Request #4

  • Super Powerful Plunge? - What do you think it should be called when you pull the plunger back, grab the edge of the lockdown bar with your fingers, then put your thumb on the plunger… That way, you can push it in extra hard to get a super powerful plunge?

Request #5

  • Not getting it done when it counts? - a term for when you practice on a game and you put up great scores, but in the next game you play, whether it be league or tournament play (when it really counts) you totally mess it up.

OK, there it is! Now for some quick sleep before I’m off to Pinvasion. :smiley:


Pot fillers.


For as long as I can remember, this has always been called “palming” and is why the spiky plungers exist (so you won’t palm them).

Again, as long as I can think of, simply called “thumbing.”

Aside from the obvious one of choking (probably too general for this situation), I’m only thinking of things relating to refractory periods, and that may not be a path you want to go down. :wink:



That sound like going over your dial-in score.

Bracket drag racing is a handicap system that allows slower cars to compete against faster cars. Before you race, you practice and pick your dial-in time. Say 10 seconds. Then you race other cars with similar dial-in times. If I (10 seconds) race against someone with a 9 second dial-in time, I get my green light 1 second before he does. No matter who gets their green first, you want to beat the other driver, but stay above your dial-in time. If I win, but my ET is 9.99 seconds and the other guys time is 9.01, he wins. I blew (went under) my dial-in time. If both driver go under their dial-in time, the one closer to his dial in time wins. Prevents sandbagging. Not a very catch name, but same kind of deal. Kick ass, but don’t kick ass too hard.

Agree with Keith about palming and thumbing. Those are old school sayings.