The New Pinball Dictionary


I would also accept something like “an errant tap pass that gracefully arcs the ball into the outlane.”


I see one phrase missing from the list that I hear often enough.

Ball returns to inlane from a ramp or wireform, drops to inlane carrying some spin, rolls up the inlane and down the outlane. It moonwalked.

I’ve heard it enough that I assume it’s not a regional thing. Anybody not from the west coast familiar with the term?


What about a blown live catch that goes into the outlane or SDTM? Happens to me often enough. I submit for you approval, the “Live Drain”.:grin:


Same thing with a blown drop catch. The Drop Drain.


“Glass Wedgie”

Getting the ball stuck between a playfield item, e.g. a toy or ramp of some kind, and the glass.

Re the tap pass to the outlane, I’d call that a gutter ball, since it’s about the same as such in bowling, i.e. you throw the ball directly into the out channel.


Yes, heard with some frequency on the East Coast. The term is also used in the unified PAPA/IFPA ruleset. (As in: moonwalking to the outlane is NOT a major malfunction.)


Interestingly, the latter is sometimes a feature: getting maximum ballsaver out of Getaway, for instance. Sometimes you really want the ball in the trough RTFN, and a Drop Drain is the fastest way to do it.


That’s a great point. I guess I’ve been drop draining for 25 years now! :scream:


Thanks again for sharing those gifs!
Good luck digging through those sites, my man.

You put in a lot of freakin effort in what you do for this hobby, and I sincerely thank you. I often look to FunWithBonus for pinball related news.

Keep killin it!


Best game for drop draining by far has to be Time Fantasy!


And Laser Cue if EBs are enabled.


I don’t know if a word for this already exists but I haven’t seen it.

The Cycle - The act of getting all possible replays on a machine in one game. In baseball, the cycle refers to getting a single, double, triple, and home run all in one game.

“Dude I just got the cycle on Earthshaker. GC, replay, special, and a match.”


The cycle also applies to pinburgh. It’s getting 0,1,2, and 3 in one round.


The cycle in IFPA WC group play is quite rare - a different score in each of the 8 rounds. Bonus point for making a 21 and 3 be part of that cycle. This years co-leader after 6 rounds is on pace for the #UltimateCycle in qualifying if he finishes up tomorrow with a 9 and 7! (Although,
That seems pretty unlikely). He already has the 21,19,17,15,13, and 11 done.


Roberto Pedroni still has a shot at it, too. 19 15 7 11 9 17; needs 21 and 13 or 13 and 5 for a gap-less set.


Now these are the things that would be fun to Nordic Bet on!


Common one that’s not in the dictionary: Power Inlane


What about The-Goalie-That-Helps-Winning-A-Major? :smiley:


I came up with this one while watching IFPA14 last night - Shatz the Bed, when you Shatz the inlane and it moonwalks out the outlane or some other drain. Obviously past tense.


“Death Clank” The last thing you hear before the ball hits the outlane switch on Tommy, Aerosmith and Star Wars with the metal side rails of death.