The New Pinball Dictionary


I love this term, but now I’m wondering if it wouldn’t be better to describe a missed shot that hits some other shot? Like missing the chair on Addams Family wide to the left, and having it bounce into the pops, and then back into the chair. Or a missed TZ lock shot that brickochets into the piano scoop.


When I read this I imagined it sounded like when “Dirty Harry” says ricochet:
“brrrrickochet!” :slight_smile:


Use brickochet in a sentence. OK. “While playing Deadpool, the player shot the center spinner and brickocheted the Snikt target into double scoring”. :wink:


Oh yeah I like this better.


I’d bifurcate this. “Brickochet” would include both the “ricochet” and the “brick” elements, but neither word inherently implies anything about where the ball went when it ricocheted, which could be good, bad or just out of control. Brickodrain, or something like that if one of you finds a better amalgam, would be the ball loss rebound. Luckochet would be something like the missed spinner into the Snikt mentioned above. The more generic out-of-control results would be covered by the broader but not-drain-specific brickochet term.

Back in the '70’s, we called lucky rebounds like the Snikt one “sleezing.”


"Beast to the East"

On Paragon when you escape the Beast’s Lair, but the pop sends the ball directly to the right outlane.


I would call that a . . .

“Not Like This . . . or That”


A much simpler way to call it, I guess. :grinning: