The New Pinball Dictionary


Need something for this one. The simultaneous bounce pass pulled off by McSirTuna in the middle of Iron Throne.


Brundleball - when the machine is leaning so far to one side the ball climbs up the inlane of its own accord

edit: “dang, I got brundled! Can we check the levelers?”


WOW! That’s gangsta lean level!


You know it’s bad when you have to nudge the ball back down to the flipper.


Ah, I’ve had that happen to me before. The Star Trek (Stern) at the Century Cinema in North Hollywood (Victory Blvd and Coldwater Canyon Ave if anyone’s local) was like that for a while. Not that it mattered much after that, as the start button stopped responding.


I call that a “repaint”, but “palette swap” is a nicer term and is a good tribute to 8-bit video games!



As for making the dangerous skill shot on a Lawlor game and then dying, I call that “Super Kill Shot”. Works best on a Whirlwind with inserts that are wearing off, remove the “S” in Skill :slight_smile:


Well, video games are still using it today, and they’re still referred to as palette swaps, so that’s why it’s the first phrase to come to mind.


You’ve activated my trap card! (Here’s a definition I had in reserve that I haven’t posted yet.)

“Kill Shot”

A dangerous shot that often leads to a drain if missed, but is often important to make in order do well in the game.

Examples of Kill Shots:

The Center Ramp on Spider-Man

  • Reversal of Fortune heads SDTM

The opening soft plunge on Whirlwind!

  • Everything is bad: Targets-SDTM, Slingshots-to-outlane, plunging straight for the left outlane

Warp Ramp on Star Trek:TNG and Star Trek Stern

  • Reversal of Fortune heads to the right outlane, good luck!

Right Ramp on Iron Man

  • Reversal of Fortune heads to the left outlane, good luck!

Center Ramp on Attack From Mars

  • Reversal of Fortune heads SDTM if the ball doesn’t hit the rubber. If it does hit the rubber, then hello right outlane.




  1. To accidentally flip the wrong flipper, typically leading to something bad happening.
    “He shouted ‘I flapped when I should have flipped!’ as he raged tilted.”

mind flip

/mind flip/

  1. Thinking you sent the signal from your brain to your fingers to flip but then nothing happens.
    “As the carefully watched ball fell through the inlane, down the flipper, and to the drain without even a tap, a tournament spectator leaned over to another and whispered ‘mind flip’.”


Now I want a Criss Angel meme that says MINDFLIP! on it.


This happens to me a lot due to my natural clumsiness and my nervous disposition, and not just in pinball. For some reason, my brain, on rare occasions, will lock up my finger or thumb instead of pushing it, especially when I’m anticipating to press it.


This happened to me last night at league. I was about to try a desperation slap save from the very edge of the flipper, but I didn’t press the button. All I could do was think about how I “coulda-woulda” saved it.


I actually struggle with the exact opposite of this phenomenon from time to time. My pinball brain will quickly asses the situation and decide that a dead bounce is in order and yet at the last moment as the ball approaches, some far recessed corner of my brain (probably left over from when humans needed to avoid being eaten by the cheetah that might be behind that rock over there…) overrules with an involuntary reflex and flips the damn flipper anyway! Note that when this does happen, the chances of the ball remaining out of control until it quickly exits the playfield is, sadly, remarkable high.


Visual evidence! I knew it was possible! And this one didn’t even need a kickback! Looks like I’ll need to make an edit.

How long are “clips” saved on twitch? Will it be archived to YouTube?


'3. An event where the ball drains down the right outlane, but it is travelling fast enough to go around and reach the left outlane kickback, where the ball is propelled back into play.

*There was a special case of this during the Texas Pinball Festival 2017 Qualifying. Competitor David Smith while playing Gottlieb’s Black Hole, had the ball go down the right outlane, travel completely around to the left outlane and bounce back into play with no kickback necessary.

H/T: @hipsmart


Clips are saved indefinitely on Twitch. The clip won’t be archived to YouTube, but the Bat City Pinball Club may choose to export the entire video there.


Suggestion by Peace Nick Mann

kixcused: being forgiven for kicking someone because you were playing pinball.


Suggestion by me:


When multiple competitors queue on a game during qualifying to prevent others from playing it.

A technique that can be used in a best score qualifying event to prevent a certain player from getting repeated attempts on a game.

Inspired by: The Pinball Podcast Episode #102


Final Destination

When a ball is saved from the outlane or drain, once or repeatedly, only to end up draining after the player has gained control and made an aimed shot.


People actually do that? (I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised considering I see loopholes and exploits pop up in all sorts of competitions.)