The New Pinball Dictionary


That’s what I thought as well. When I was first hearing about this version, I thought people were talking about lights somehow burning a ghost-like image onto the insert from underneath.



Yeah, that sounds like a technicality. Never thought about an intentional tilt to lock your score where it is, but I wonder if that could negatively affect your score if you’re playing something like Doctor Who or Waterworld, which have final end-of-game bonuses you wouldn’t get if the extra ball happens to be your last one.

I thought it was referring to a person who’s in a competition substituting for another player. Guess that’s how confusing it is.


Agreed. But in my opinion, the player should have that option. I don’t think this would ever factor in for an EB earned during Ball 3, as the player would always plunge it, hoping for a few more points, plus whatever additional bonus count they might earn. The situation is applicable to an EB earned on balls 1 or 2, where the unintentional bounces of the EB can start features that you want to play during your remaining balls 2 or 3.


IFPA/PAPA rules don’t address “plunge but don’t play” extra balls at all, because those do not happen in IFPA/PAPA tournaments. Extra balls are always played if they are available. Any rules involving “plunge but don’t play” are league or local competition rules.


THIS . . . as is often mentioned a rule is only as good as the ability to enforce that rule, and for many tournaments it’s impossible to make sure that people ‘don’t play’ their extra balls without sitting there the entire time monitoring it.

A big “no thanks” from me as a TD to want to do that.


Because I seem to be getting this frequently:

I’m calling it “Tilt Karma” - successfully pull off a miraculous save that uses up all your tilt warnings, but doesn’t tilt… just to immediately flub a shot and lose it 5 seconds later knowing there’s nothing you can do to successfully save it this time.


Have another nomination of a @kdeangelo move from Cal Extreme this year.

The Warden
Doing a quick flip before an impending collision to prevent a jailbreak.

Definitely something I need to add to my bag of tricks!


I think I’ve got one to add, I skimmed the New Pinball Dictionary twice and didn’t see it but I also didn’t read every term. :sweat_smile:

Making a house out of bricks

Bricking one shot is no big deal, it happens. When that becomes the next 30 seconds of your ball, though, you’ve got yourself a lot of bricks. I could make a house out of bricks on Getaway alone.


I feel the frustration, especially when it’s that crucial shot, like the Final Draw on WCS or the snack bar on CFTBL.

I suppose this would go toward “Bricklayer” as well.

Also, “Brickhouse” maybe? If your Bricklaying leads to a very low scoring ball?

By the way, there will be more words on the NPD with no link yet. It’s a preview of the unfinished posts. The goal is to consolidate the stuff from reddit/pinside/facebook/twitter/etc. in favor of using this topic on TILTForums as the primary sub-page for the New Pinball Dictionary.

The sharks are in the water, and the keys are in the jet ski’s ignition … :slight_smile:


I’m a fan of “postmaster general” for these situations on some games. Thanks to Jef Lepine for coming up with that.


Building a house out of bricks seems a bit different then bricklayer. To me the former describes a game where a player keeps missing but eventually does so enough times, and without losing their ball, through sheer luck (or perhaps magic) that they actually manage to score enough to win.


I like the phrase “flew it into the hudson.” If someone bricks a shot and then ricochets into another shot they didn’t intend on.



In LTD games, postmaster general trash talking is one of my favorite memes. Megan Brennan is probably better known in the Pinball community than anywhere else (well outside of postal service I guess).

I also enjoy “your application to bricklayers local #6 has now been accepted”.

I don’t condone trash talk in tournaments, but LTDs…it’s on!


Inlane pass to a taxi turn - Shatzing the bed.


@kayluh that one is great!


Amen to that. I’ve made so many bricked shots on Getaway, I’ve had the ball search go off.


From Scott, the inspiration for “Scottified”, an early entry in the NPD.

Lame Change

The top lanes where the choice either doesn’t matter or is so easy (i.e. MM, AFM) that if you miss it… you are lame. Or the feature itself is kind of lame.

Comes out of a lot of discussions I’ve had with people who want no software mods other than adding lane change to games like Flash or Gorgar… I usually reply why not just have it give you the multiplier for any lane…

My addendum:

Also, how about a Lame Changer is a person who complains that they want to be able to change the top lanes when they aren’t able to do so.

Or, a Lame Change is when a player thinks they can lane change so they keep hitting the flipper buttons expecting it to work. Then it doesn’t.

Works for both the object and the person.


Yeah is there a term for when you are actively playing and bricking so much that ball search actually kicks in? this is always hilarious when it happens to anyone and is worthy of heckling but needs a better term than just “you got ball searched” :slight_smile:


Skill searched


I feel like in my youth we may have called it the Brick Search.

There’s another thing that could be classified as lame change: Not masking off the lane-changing lights during a light show (looking at you, ghostbusters extra ball show during multiball or GOT “something big is lit” show but I’m choosing spinner madness in the meantime).