The Never-Missed-A-Pinburgh Club

So after 9 Pinburghs, we’re down to 38 members of the “exclusive” Never-Missed-A-Pinburgh Club. And yes, for you purists out there, this list only includes the “New” Pinburghs since 2011. Are all 38 gonna make it 10-for-10 this year ?

Adam Becker
Adam Lefkoff
Al Thomka
Andrew Rosa
Andy Rosa
Bayless Rutherford
Bob Matthews
Brian Dominy
Brian Mendelssohn
Bruce Nightingale
Chris Nosiglia
Dave Hubbard
Dave Stewart
Davey Plaisted
Dean Grover
Ed Zeltmann
Eden Stamm
Jason Werdrick
Jeff Gagnon
Joe Katz
John Flitton
John Hurd
Justin Bath
Keith Elwin
Keith P Johnson
Ken Rossi
Mahesh Murthy
Matt Gauslin
Penni Epstein
Rick Prince
Rob Wintler-Cox
Robert Gagno
Ron Hallett Jr
Sanjay Shah
Scott Kutheis
Sergio Johnson
Trent Augenstein
Zach Sharpe


Here’s the complete list if you include the 6 “Old” Pinburghs from 1998 thru 2003:

Trent Augenstein



I don’t think your list is entirely accurate because I’m not on it.

Edit: possibly because I switched between Keith and Keith P

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Sorry, Keefer. That’s why I posted it here, so it can be “crowdsourced” checked… I was doing a literal string compare each year starting with the original 172 from the first year, so if you ever had your named spelled differently on any of the years, I would miss it. Andrew Rosa was “Andrew Rosa II” for four of the nine. Lemme see how I missed you. Ah… “Keith Johnson” vs. “Keith P Johnson”… Anyone else missing ?

I’m also missing from the list.

Ron Hallett Jr

And so is my podcast mate, Bruce Nightingale

And I believe Koi Morris has attended “All” the Pinburghs

Per Dave Stewart’s Facebook, he has attended all Pinburghs.

I’m missing from the list, too. Also did two of the earlier six.

BUT … I won’t be there this year. One second wasn’t fast enough.

The Never-Been-To-Pinburgh Club is slightly larger.

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Koi “attended” 2018, but he did not get a ticket to the tournament.

Been to all since 2011 and also 2001 , 2002 , and 2003 according to IFPA results

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Looks like Mahesh Murthy is a member as well.

I will continue on this list for another year and hopefully for as long as they run them. There is nothing better then Pinburgh. Props to all involved every year who make it so amazing


Thanks everyone. I missed:

Keith P Johnson cause a few times he was registered as “Keith Johnson”
Ron Hallett Jr cause in 2011 he was registered as “Ron Hallett Jr.” (with a period)
Bruce Nightingale cause in 2012 he was registered as “Bruce Nightingale Jr”
Ed Zeltmann cause in 2013 he was registered as “Edward C Zeltmann”
Mahesh Murthy cause in 2014 he was registered as “Mahesh V Murthy”.

I’ve edited the initial post and we’re now up to 35 players. woohoo.

Sorry, Bob. You do not appear as a registered player in 2015 so it looks like you missed one.

I was there, Adam, I remember it Quite Well. That was the year Zen and I got into the A finals via the tiebreaker on Super Orbit, beating out Germaine and Dan Gutchess. I was listed as “Robert” that year; I think they forced it to link with method-of-payment name that time, so I couldn’t use my usual “Bob”.

If memory serves, you of all people should remember that I was there: wasn’t that the time you and I were in the same group in round one and we both got knocked out by getting hosed on Wild Fyre?

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Never missed A cuttoff or finals?


Ah. There you are: “Robert Matthews” that year.

Bob Matthews added to the NMAP 10.

That has always been a MUCH shorter list, LOL. I believe the last time I checked a few years ago, for everyone with 5 or more Pinburghs, Never-Missed-The-A-Cut was: @sk8ball (10-for-10) and Jorian (6-for-6). I’ll have to revisit that one when I fill out my Fantasy Pinburgh roster this year :wink:

I was also in the 6 for 6 club then missed 2 years, so now I’m 7/9. Jorian went out year 7 with me, but I don’t think he even came that year.