The Never-Missed-A-Pinburgh Club

Yep. Jorian made the first 6 Pinburghs and hasn’t been back since. :frowning_face:

I think there are a decent number of other players who have made “all-but-one” A cuts in five-or-more attempts, but not too many. I’ve only made 3-out-of-9 myself, so while I understand my “cheap” FanPin price, I don’t know why anyone would actually draft me on their team, lol.

“Zachary Sharpe” in 2011 and 2015, but “Zach Sharpe” the other years…


Damn you Arbitrary-Name-Registering Pinburgh people! lol

I actually did this a while ago and updated it after 2019.

Look at sheet 2.


oh I remember this quite well as well!

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I’m going to have a stern talking with my daughter tonight about how she cost me my club pass 6 years ago.


Davey Plaisted is missing from the list also.
Some years where probably under “David”.

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Jorian actually “missed” the A Division cut in 2016, but was restricted in…and then made the A Division Finals cut.

Have there been other instances of that?

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Sean Grant did it at least once. Don’t remember the year.

cough not something I would brag about though :wink:


I dunno, Germain. It’s only been done a few times and takes basically a flawless Day 2 where you have to average nearly 9-3 for 5 rounds without a slip up against all the other A Division qualifier players, so I think it’s a pretty impressive feat to pull off and I would absolutely proudly brag about it! (And for the record, I been down at the bottom of A a couple times these last few years and I haven’t come close to digging out of that hole, even when I played much better on Day 2).


Does a bomb mean the individual was removed from the tournament?

You were “Dave Plaisted” in 2011 and 2012, “David Plaisted” for 2013-2015, and then “Davey Plaisted” since, lol. Not making it easy here! :slight_smile:

well if you put it like this… :smiley: you should definitely be a life coach :wink:


Yes, and the hazmat symbol means they are suppressed.


BUT … I won’t be there this year. One second wasn’t fast enough.

I would suggest getting into a ticket buying group, works for big cons/events (SD Comic Con) and seems to work really well for Pinburgh.

Also refresh at 9:15, 9:30, 9:45 to catch the 15min (?) timeouts, someone in SoCal got in this way I heard at 9:15. Waitlist is also open 1h after I believe at 10am.

That being said I tried all this and failed to get a ticket for the people I was buying for so shrug

That’s a surprisingly large number of ejections. Does it count personal or medical issues or whatever might constitute a voluntary reason for withdrawing from the event?

It must. I identified a couple people who I know left early voluntarily who are on the bomb list,


I’m curious: why was Cryss removed from the tourney in 2017? I recall him missing one round due to his unfortunate error on when a round started… Does missing a round give a zero for that one round, or an instant tourney-eject?

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This may have been about the IFPA submission and our rules that required Cryss be removed from the standings. 2017 we had the 50%+ rule, so with over 100 players anyone that didn’t play in 100% of qualifying rounds was removed from the IFPA standings.

This inspired the following change for the 2018 season:

Change log for 2018 (v5.4)

We are rolling back the “50%+” participation rule to be just the “50%” rule. Under WPPR v5.3, the participation percentage was be based on the number of participants for any event with greater than 50 players. For example, a tournament with 75 players will only be allowed to submit results where a player participated in at least 75% of the qualifying requirements. Any tournament with 100 players or more can only include players that have participated in 100% of the qualifying requirements. For 2018, no matter the player count, any IFPA-endorsed tournament or league with a qualifying portion, players can only be included in IFPA final results if they have met at least 50% of all qualifying requirements. Players that advance to the final round despite not meeting this percentage may also be included in the final standings submitted to the IFPA."

We wanted to get ahead of the exploit - don’t like where you are finishing in Pinburgh, just don’t play session 10 and you won’t be included in the results - for Power100/IFPA Rating metrics.