The Most Satisfying Standup Target Shots


Drone magnet to Big Bang on Dialed In. MY GOD is it satisfying when that happens.


Andromeda standup target to start multiball – when you aim for it and hit it. While it’s great when you get the sling-start to that multiball, it’s not as satisfying.


You left out the most important part – when it actually registers


Gottlieb honestly had the best standup shots. I will also note:

  • The Hoops lock shot off the standups
  • Not totally a standup, but Souvenir when lit on SNS
  • Definitely a standup, Big Score on Tee’d Off (yeah I went there)


Nah, for Snailman, the most important part for him was hitting that target, it registering and beating Josh in Pinburgh :slight_smile:

I guess the only one(s) I would add to the list already is the lit target i Pinbot/Jackbot to open the visor. Missing that one shot can make a pretty big difference in score on a tough playing version of the game.

Honorable mention for me is the target between Starscream’s legs as it activates him and can screw you over but the best is when you hit it during his mode and he shakes.


Big Bang target on Dialed In
Tower target 2x scoring walking dead -love the riot shot


The center reel target when special is lit on Yukon
Roto reels are fun just in general to hit, but when they’re lined up for an add a ball it’s the best.

I think I just love hearing the knock on an older game


AFM mothership standups
Haunted House secret entrance target
Whitewater extra ball target


The GoT Baratheon -> Tyrell bankshot (or vice versa)
Also the 3 way ricochet in Black Rose!


I’m not a big fan of standup shots, so my list is pretty short:

  • Iron Maiden cyborg jackpot.
  • TNA reactor destroy.

Nothing else comes to mind.


I imagine the one remaining red iron man target I had during 2x Jericho for 100 million would have been satisfying…



Also dat max value double super score.



FH - bank shot off hotdog targets into scoop to start a feature
SM - graze lock target to then carry on round orbit and start MB
DI - Big Bang is always great when you have a mode running, less so when you don’t


Any old add-a-ball target nailed while a would-be multiball terminator is sailing down an outlane.


I don’t get the hype around hitting Big Bang. It’s a switch tied to a big old action button…

Now, Big Bang ricochet into the SIM card scoop? That’s a thing of beauty.


I’m surprised no one mentioned the FAB standup at the end of the left orbit on Thunderbirds. Everyone loves risking a center drain when that thing comes back, right?



Oh no! I lost a ball in my Multiball again! Let me just get it back…


Tut-tut! You should patch that out in a rom update, can’t be having any of that fun! Much to imbalanced. ;D


Sorry, only clever stuff here. Besides, these add-a-ball spot targets are a Stern thing, right.


Sorry, but you have to admit… the OG add-a-ball target, Palantir from Lord of the Rings, is really satisfying to hit. Especially if you’re really close to getting those Super Jackpots.