The Most Satisfying Standup Target Shots


Those airballs are majestic also. :slight_smile:


I’m going to have to second the “big bang” standup. It’s at this real satisfying spot on the flipper, and the payout/theatrics you get from a well timed collect is oh so good. But really, you just hit a standup target.


I think fanfare is very important for any standup shot.

Has anyone said SJP on T2? Man that’s so good. Dwight’s the king of super jackpot fanfare. Haha


A game that doesn’t get much love, Avatar. The Ampsuit stand-up up that narrow channel. So satisfying to nail it on a backhand to start the MB.

A newer one. The Kitty target on Munsters. Shooting the left ramp to start Raven MB and then on the fly nailing the Kitty target to begin playfield X is a very rewarding shot.