The Bat City Open 2019

Got mine! Thanks for all the hard work. We all appreciate it!


Here is the full player list for this years Bat City Open.
We reached 84 players at around Midnight last night.
Due to available games we are unfortunately going to cap this years event at this number.
The wait list submission form is now up and running on the Buffalo Billiards web page under Bat City Open.
BCO2019 player list.pdf (59.9 KB)

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Wow, congrats on another fast sell-out!

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The Wrecking Crew is…uh, I mean the Poster is here!


OK folks so the slow roll of the games list begins now…
Highspeed, Iron Maiden, Deadpool, Police Force, Bram Stokers Dracula, Game of Thrones, and The Walking Dead.
More to come, soonish…

Game list continued…
Robocop, Demolition Man, POTC (Stern) Addams Family, Kiss (pro), Star Trek (pro), Congo.

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Is their any way at all to turn off the super skill shot on POTC? That shot is so lopsided that I saw several people win their rounds last year with just that one shot once. See that happening at the monthly as well :frowning: IMHO it’s worse than the secret skill shots on Maiden as it’s still a luck shot (first shot is skill but getting it to the other side is luck) and is way more points lopsided than the 20 Million you get in Maiden.

Looking forward to Congo. That game kicks my butt but for some reason I love it!

Pretty sure there is no software option to disable that, if there is I’ve overlooked it. I don’t know if the one they used at any of the PAPA event’s had it disabled (maybe @PAPA_Doug can chime in on that) . I have a few ideas in mind about what to do about it though…:wink:

Disable ball save. This adds more risk to putting the ball on a horizontal trajectory right out the gate.

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That’s not a bad suggestion. Take the risk and lose it all or win big. At least their is some skin in the game. As it stands now everybody shoots for it and then collects the ball and plays the game.

I don’t know the game well enough to know if that switch gets you anything more valuable then some small bonus. If not, maybe just disconnecting that right switch would help. Still get the 3 million skill shot but can’t get the extra 10 for the full loop.

Or, if you have enough games. Pull it and make it a side event. Put it on 5 balls and charge a buck a game. You get one shot per ball to shoot for the skill shots. High score wins the pot :slight_smile: It’s fun playing casually and going for it in a group but in Match Play it’s a real nut buster especially for the lower skilled players.

@spraynard, what ball save…

I can confirm at pinburgh you can hit it. Hitting it on ball one and two was one of my greatest pinburgh moments. No ball save, so high risk, high reward.

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Can someone explain the Super Skill shot? I’m not very familiar with the game and there’s nothing on Pintips.


More games!
Flash Gordon, Meteor, Judge Dredd, Twilight Zone, Earthshaker, Lexy Lightspeed:Escape From Earth, and Star Wars (Premium)


The last few games; Grand Lizard, Team One, Barracora, Taxi, F-14, Breakshot, Jokerz, and Joker Poker.
This list could change at any time cause stuff breaks.

And the waitlist triples in size


Game list update. Congo has decided we can’t play it this year ( I’m working on fixing it, but I’m not sure I will be able to have it ready by go time…)
So in comes World Cup Soccer.
Earthshaker has developed a few issues that may make it unusable as well (besides the kinda boring nature of the game) so it may be out as well. Replacement TBD at this time…

That’s a bummer about Congo. Out of the game list it’s one of the few that I actually wanted to play.

I’m kind of tired of my AC/DC Premium Helen package. I’ll cut you a good deal on it if you want it or even better wanted to trade for that Congo plus some cash my way :slight_smile:

P.S. - Not real sure if I’m going to attend as I’m kind of done with competitive pinball for the foreseeable future. Right now, it looks like I’ll be stuck at home alone but if my wife and Kids plans change then I’ll let you know so my spot can go to someone else. With that said, I offered earlier to provide some prizes for the flip frenzy if some of the random awards were changed up a bit. I bought a couple pingulp caddies and a couple DMD glare guards. If you want them I’ll bring them (if I come) or will try to give them to Robert or Dick to bring. If not, I’ll give them to Dick/Thomas the next time I see them for league prizes.

Just sent you an E-Mail