The Bat City Open 2019

Game list in an easier to read list format!

  1. Highspeed
  2. Iron Maiden (pro)
  3. Deadpool (pro)
  4. Police Force
  5. Bram Stokers Dracula
  6. Game of Thrones
  7. The Walking Dead
  8. Robocop
  9. Demolition Man
  10. POTC (Stern)
  11. Addams Family
  12. Kiss (pro)
  13. Star Trek (pro)
  14. Flash Gordon
  15. Meteor
  16. Judge Dredd
  17. Twilight Zone
  18. Lexy Lightspeed:Escape From Earth
  19. Star Wars (Premium)
  20. Grand Lizard
  21. Team One
  22. Barracora
  23. Taxi
  24. Big Game
  25. Breakshot,
  26. Jokerz!
  27. Joker Poker
  28. World Cup Soccer

Still TBD - Congo (might return), and Earthshaker (could come back.)

Updated player list for both Flip Frenzy and Main Events.
Main Event Updated.pdf (56.1 KB)
Flip Frenzy.pdf (122.9 KB)

Edit - Re-Uploaded Frenzy sheet, copy/pasting is hard…

how much does this flip frenzy cost?
how much does the main event cost?

Main is $70. Optional Friday night Flip Frenzy is an extra $10 if you want in according to the website.


Actually while we’re at it - what do people recommend to do other than pinball? I get in Thursday and have some spare time to go do stuff.

This may sound very touristy and obvious, but I hear the bats are amazing.

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locals know its all about the salamanders!!!

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Go over to Zilker Park and do some hiking, or rent a canoe or kayak and paddle around Lady Bird Lake (the bats live under one of the bridges.) It’s in the downtown area just a few minutes from Buffalo Billiards.
Pro tip: 6th St is CLOSED TO VEHICLES on Friday and Saturday evenings. If you’re parked there you’ll be towed.

I’m planning on public transit to get around, so that shouldn’t be an issue. Thanks for the heads up though! Any particular reason?

Oh you’re in for a treat


To allow stumbling between bars without getting hit by cars. :wink:

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I remember someone telling me about that - I didn’t realize how serious you guys take it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Waiver here. Saves a little time if you fill it out before you get there.
Search for Austin Bat Cruise if you want to watch the bats leave from a boat. Several companies run them.

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A couple changes:
OUT - Meteor
IN - Congo

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Which versions of Walking Dead and Game of Thrones is being used?

Both GOT and TWD are Pros. Same with MET.

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To clarify two rules on tiebreakers to qualify for Finals that aren’t spelled out explicitly on the tourney rules website. It’s aligned with the PAPA rules, but different than the most recent Pinburgh rules, so it’s worth clarifying. Apologies for not noticing it earlier:

  • Ties for the final spot(s) in qualifying for a Finals division will be broken by a one-game playoff, randomly chosen.
  • Ties for seeding in Finals will be broken using the “Placement” tiebreaker built into Match Play software (# of 1sts, then #of 2nds). If there’s still a tie beyond that, a coin flip or random # generator will be used to break the tie for seeding.
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Wanting to play pinball on 6th on Thursday, when Buffalo closes their pinball bank

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Yeah, most other pins on 6th outside of BB are pretty trashed condition. If they’re working at all. :frowning: