Tested out the Judge Dredd Final Challenge bug


After this showed up at pintasric I finally have had time to fully outline the scenario. I am not sure if this was truly intended or an accidental bug in the code

It was found during Eric stones game. He first collected all 4 judges(jackpots) in multiball. That starts final challenge. He played that out. After back to single ball he then played through every mode. That also starts final challenge. After he played that out unlike normal conditions where all modes would reset and start the cycle over again they stayed lit and final challenge was easy again for the next mode start. This plays out like this for the rest of the ball until he tilted during one of his maaaany final challenges.

Playing through with the glass off the end scenario of this bug is he drains in single ball play or tilts like he did. If this was ball 1 or 2 final challenge will still be lit at the start of the next ball but will not stay lit after ending. The modes will then actually reset.

If you do it in reverse and play out all the modes first and then complete the judges in multi ball it does. It keep final challenge lit. You would then have to go back around again and complete the modes again to enter this state

Bug or not I am not fully convinced either way. Should this unfortunately be thrown into a banned list for higher caliber events? I’d hate to cross another game into that territory.

This was on L-7 ROM revision. Not sure if it changes on any other revisions.

One thing I never realized is final challenge from multiball is a 6 ball challenge. If started from modes it’s only 4 ball.


I think you have that part backwards (multiball is 4-ball).


I don’t believe so…maybe I crossed that it is late…


soooo many points destroyed


About 550 million tilted away I believe


This has been a known bug for quite some time which is why I was surprised to see you had it at Pintastic. It may not be in the L1 code and may have been introduced when the Deadworld stuff was ripped out of that ROM (I never investigated that thoroughly so couldn’t say for sure). Problem is, even if the bug is not in L1, there are so many other bugs in that code that it’s not worth running in a tournament (never mind the fact that you have to run it with the Deadworld mod for it to work properly.)



Considering how difficult it is to trigger, I’d still consider using this game in tournaments. If anyone gets so far in the game that they’ve triggered this bug, I think they’ve earned the win…


Coming from the guy that won the Bat City Open on Dredd, I approve :wink:


Yeah I won’t rule it out for most of our events. Some of the bigger ones for sure.


I didn’t see you telling me ahead of time :wink:

Like mentioned before. Mad props to those who pull this feat off.