Tested out the Judge Dredd Final Challenge bug

No they are not normal ball saves. When Ad 2 05 Ball Save set to 0 seconds it will randomly give out ball saves during normal play. I just went and checked and the game actually even turns on the “drain shield” light. Game is on rev. L-7.

As long as the adjustment is set to 1 second or more the ball save functions properly.

Okay. Sound fishy. Are the “good” ball savers in the game? Meaning ment to be ones handed out during game play at certain events. Quick survey, lock multiball and UC starts ball saver but Blackout do not.

Will check and see if the normal multiball/UC ball saves work fine. My guess was that since there is no “off” setting that it was a broken timer sort of thing

I would argue against this. Right now, in general, the scoring is pretty in line with everything else. Yeah it’s weird compared to MYC, but this is also a mode in a group of modes, not an entirely separate feature that needs to be balanced differently than a one-off mode.

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Here’s an easy(?) fix that would probably satisfy both of us: When you score points in this mode, it should just say the value you’re getting each time instead of the cumulative mode total to that point.
See also: Hot streak in F14 Tomcat is less valuable than you think it is.

It might be too much to ask, but Safecracker with a lower starting value and working like MYC would be a nice solution.


Funny, I have to say it never occurred to me that that was for each individual target hit. People would be rolling the game left and right if that were the case… Hot Streak of “100K” would be 550K total points.

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I would also argue that Safe Cracker is an easier shot than Move Your Car. Admit I like to see it same as MYC with x’ed score for committing to the mode. Maybe base at 4M is the solution.

Generally, I do not like adjusting scores in modes. It has to be something that is indeed over powered and/or a luck box. I feel it is better to adjust how you obtain goals than the value of the goal itself. Aligning display with actual scoring is a no brainer. But you sometimes face difficulty in determaining, which is right and which is wrong.

When you have a pack of modes and starts tweaking, you often find you just make another one the obvious favourite. Besides, I do not see modes being more valuable or safer to play than others as that big of a deal on games where the player has good control on the order to play them in. Like on Dredd.

Dredd offers adjustment of mode times. That may be used to balance as well.

For my TOM upgrade someone argued that the right ramp mode is still not worth playing. Yeah, but it is the hardest shot in the game. Dangerous if you hit the guards or if ball rolls back. What would the solution be? If you just boost the value then the luck factor comes into play. Not ideal.

Modes, at least on the older games, are simple timed objectives. If some are to be ignored, so be it. It is still skillful play to manage them the best way possible.

Trap up and wait play is not ideal. Being locked out of lucrative modes due semi-luck/randomness (hey non-upgraded Road Show) is not ideal. But it is all a balance.

I actually thought the modes in JD are pretty balanced. I mean, I always time out bad impersonator, but it is still fine. You would need to make it very overpowered to get me to play it.

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Yeah I tried this in my game and it’s actually fun to ‘get’ all the score the display says you should. I did reduce the max from 150k to 100k though, and made the time much shorter that it stays lit. It makes it actually worth something to try for vs. just trying to get the locks lit.

Stock F-14 with posts on easy is easy to roll anyway, way back I owned one in the early 90s it was just boring to me. I was watching an old Papa and noticed they had it set to drain your ball if you don’t flip the upper flippers due to the angle and I went downstairs and immediately adjusted mine to do that as well. Party goers here hate that but I like it… flip or die.

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