Super Selfie League software / app

Continuing the discussion from Match Play Events Open Thread:

I wanted to pull this into a new topic because super selfie leagues seems to be all the rage in 2016. I’ve made it possible for players to submit their own scores in Match Play Events because I assume it’ll help people who organize selfie leagues using my app.

See all the details on the announcement: Match Play Events Open Thread

But what other features would be nice to have to better facilitate super leagues / selfie leagues?


This is awesome - I am guessing adding a feature to actually include the super selfie photo would be a PITA?

Not necessarily out of the question, but it is a fair bit of work :slightly_smiling:

It would be really cool if you included the photos and also posted them to a FB page. Probably a PITA, but a cool way to create community around a selfie league.

Andreas I’m happy with the addition. I tested it out today and it worked great. Thanks!

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I’ve started working on file uploads. This is going to be glorious when it’s done!


I agree that FB posting would be of utmost importance after hearing how well it helped facilitate camaraderie in Chicago. The selfie league is at a disadvantage in the social aspect of leagues that a lot of people in GR at least are in it for. Not sure about the FB group API, but you can also post to a group using a email.

Looking forward to file uploads, but for the time being I think we will be telling people we prefer FB shares.

I guess I don’t see it as an “either or” situation but a “why not both” kind of situation. I have a plan for making it pretty easy for players, but the main win here is for TD who won’t have to flip between Facebook and some other software to enter scores. :slight_smile:


Initial Selfie League support has landed in Match Play:

  • Players can submit their own scores (including photo) and share their score on Facebook using a “share on facebook” button that shows up right after they have submitted.
  • Tournament directors can approve scores without having to do any typing! The photo is shown along with the score. The TD can even see where the photo was taken (to avoid the most obvious cheating).

I’ve put a short guide online along with some screenshots. You can see it here:

Official Selfie Demonstration Photo by @genex. Thank you, Gene!

Keep any feature suggestions coming!


Follow up question - can a tournament director submit the score for a player? And create a new player account.

This has come up in my league as well- it would be great if players could add themselves to the league (maybe this is possible and I just don’t know how to set it up?) when they go to submit a score.

@ZED: The tournament director can always add a score (but no photo at this point) by opening up the Scorekeeper. There should be a button to open Scorekeeper on the “Scores” tab in the tournament organizer

@ZED & @mrboboto: Letting players add themselves is the very next feature! I have about half of the code written, but I have been light on Match Play code writing timing lately. But it’s the next thing, I promise!


Thanks, I was happy to pay for the software, I am grateful for the continued work on it.

Stupid question: I keep seeing matchplay referred to as “software/app.” Is there actually a smart-phone “app” or does “app” just imply an application on a pc/mac?

It’s really just software that you can access on your phone etc but some people may call it an app

Mobile phones have totally ruined the word “app”. Match Play is 100% an app. It just happens to not come from some app store. It just runs in your browser (any browser, anywhere). Doesn’t make it any less of an app :slight_smile:


@ZED & @mrboboto You can now let players register themselves! You have to enable the feature on the tournament details form when creating or editing a tournament. It’ll work for any tournament, not just selfie-style best game tournaments.

You have to click a button to open up for registration after you create your tournament. This is just to avoid players adding themselves before you’re ready (e.g. if you have a date where registration opens). In the same vein you can close registration again using the same button (e.g. if you have a date registration closes). For non best game/pingolf/pinbowling tournaments registration will automatically be closed when the tournament starts.


I’ve been thinking about statistics and selfie leagues. What kind of stats do you all think it would be cool to see for your selfie leagues?

  • Number of scores recorded for each machine?
  • Timeline of when the best scores are recorded?
  • ???

There are so many options, but it’s hard to decide which to go for.

statistics yeah! I can’t remember what I proposed a while back, I will have to dig :slightly_smiling:

A per player timeline might be cool too, that way a player could see when they tend to put in their best scores.

The timeline could show both when the top score changed as well as each players best personal score. That could drive a bit of rivalry maybe?