Stern releases Black Knight: Sword of Rage!


Probably. It’s pretty strong. Not sure why you would though.


The same reason you’d shatz to grab it?


Shoot the ramp. It feeds the inlane. What does activating the magnet do but pull it out of the inlane and drop it right back into it?




Sorry. Missed this.


Magna Save… protection against a clean shatz


Do the super features do anything yet? They get activated all the time but nothing seems to happen except lighting the corresponding insert (and maybe a knight letter, not sure). The left column on the screen is always gray.


I’ve seen some of the super modes colored in on the display. Pretty sure they colorize as soon as you hit the lit super target. It’s hard to see. They could probably make those characters a little bigger. No idea on scoring during super modes.

I get why they used bling post rubbers for the five posts below the knight (natural rubbers wouldn’t have lasted long), but I wish they would’ve used something less bouncy. They play like silicone rings, bouncy AF. Polyurethane post rubbers would’ve been better.


The original BK gave you 10k+5 bonus for saving a ball. It sounds like a cool throwback to that, so I doubt the scoring is exorbitant and worth actively going for as described in this thread. It is admittedly a decent chunk of points in BK1 though.


it would be cool if it allowed you to ‘call your shot’ or something. Flip to select a shot before the magnet releases, shoot it for double points or something


Breakshot has a ‘call your shot’ feature. I forget what happens when you do it right, but it is really powerful.


That is a really great idea. However, I think it would take a Cactus Canyon inlane uppost to have it working to satisfaction. Magnets, in most applications, are unreliable in both where they divert the ball to and the timing of it. And the game has no way of knowing. So it is risky to promise the player a scoring oppetunity.

Also, the step the designers have taken to not have the metal core of the magnet assy exposed on the playfield is somewhat bold. Because it will take wear at some point. But, these assy’s look like crap, so I cherish their decision. But it also talks for using it as little as needed.

BTW. I wonder how the players to feel about an exposed magnet assy atop the inlane/outlane entry. And its effect on ball roll.


Completely finishes the current rack. It’s an interesting rule, though IMHO too powerful in that game. When you can theoretically reach the game’s wizard mode in 6 shots… ack. (Doesn’t help that in Breakshot, you get infinite time to make your called shot, as long as you don’t hit any other switches.)

But yes, one can imagine a rule that while MagnaSave is holding the ball, the player can flip to move a lit arrow to choose a shot that must be hit immediately after the ball is released to collect some nice but not overly powerful award. Inlane switch would lock in the selection. Nice idea.


Up post would be more reliable but much less cool. I’ve never seen my BK fail to drop the ball down the inlane once the ball is stablized. Games like Twister and Goldeneye can tell when the magnet has successfully grabbed a ball


I’ve had it drain out on me off the magna-save once but I was a bit early activating it so the ball wasn’t being held securely before it timed out - behaved exactly like the original BK in that regard. :smiley:

If wonder if they could use the outlane switch to auto-activate the magnet when magna-save is lit and it gives you 1 second or something to push the lockdown bar button to keep it “saved” or it violently throws it down the drain? That would be more fun for newbie’s on location and address the concern many have that the button is too far to reach in time for practical use.


So, I have found out that BKSOR prem/LE plays extremely long for better players in stock configuration. In league last night we had a 4 player game last 1hr 5 m. The scores were 75m, 76m, 522m, and 1.006 billion. Our rules allow 1 extra ball to be played if earned. This is a brand new machine on location with a liberal tilt. This pin is fun. We just need to toughen it up a bit.


Upper playfield, for sure. If there are any tweaks that can be done up there, it’s probably worth it.

I definitely prefer the pro on this game.