Stern releases Black Knight: Sword of Rage!


Correct, correct, correct. The pro does not have the drop target, but on the premium and the LE, the VUK puts the ball into the upper playfield. Everything is right flipper, just like previous BK’s.


I may have laughed harder at this than at any other pinball-related post ever. Thanks.


BK seems like a much more flipper-balanced game than BK2K or SoR


Yes! Oversight on my part about BK1.


On the original BK, if the locks start off lit up top (without having to complete the horseshoe down below), I’ve seen the game turn into upper loop loop loop loop loop loop loop loop loop loop…using the left flipper

The right flipper is held up and only used to help keep the ball from draining after the plunge.

I feel the game is much more exciting to try and complete the sword, but in a tourney, playing on the lower playfield is dangerous and I avoid it if I don’t have to :slight_smile:


I’ve loved anything Brendon Small has been involved with (Home Movies, Metalocalypse). Can’t see how this won’t be amazing.


Brendon also did voice work for Metallica and Aerosmith (pins, not bands).


But “Flail of Rage” doesn’t have the same ring to it. :slight_smile:

Epic Flail!


On the interview with Tim on the Slam Tilt! podcast he confirmed that when in “legacy” mode the spinner will produce the original BK sounds!

I’m SUPER pumped!

Thanks be to Steve, Jerry, Tim, and science!


Tim nice work on this game being your first. I have to say though there are issues with the scoring. When you have 30x from a skill shot, 15x from a mystery and hurry ups and mode shots that are more than a catapult jackpot, I think this is an issue. Hoping this can be changed.


I’m pretty certain the catapult multiball scoring is not yet programmed since it is an LE feature.


Awesome - awesome! - BK toy. Reminds me what I like about the MM castle. One unit with two shots is neat.

The flail seems a brilliant simple idea that can be used for a lot of cool stuff. Of course it might be as complicated as anything.


I hope the flail is used in reverse mode (sending ball back at the player) if the player tries too many times in a row to shoot the ball immediately back up the ramp from the feed from the upper playfield – to make it not like BK2K.


Hmmm, I thought I on one of the podcasts that is does go both directions.


It does. Thus, why I’m hoping they use the reverse direction to prevent the “upper playfield all day” strat on the Prem/LE.


Finally got a chance to play a few games over the weekend. The shots all feel great and the flow is excellent. Looks and sounds amazing and it kept me coming back for more. Knight multiball is a fun feature and the black knight battle has some great intensity. Can’t wait to get some more time on it and pay attention to scoring and strategies. Congrats to the team who worked on this for putting out a winner!

As I predicted for myself, I had a hard time connecting the use of the center button with outlane drains. I played 4 or 5 games and had exactly zero magnasaves. Does it work on both outlanes, or just the right side where the graphic is? I figured the latter, since the left side has a virtual kickback.


Just the right.

I kept screwing it up too. As long as you can get to it before it’s in the outlane, you should be good. I would know I have it in my back pocket and I wouldn’t hit it until it was half way down the outlane.

Then other times I’d hit it and probably didn’t need too.

Since it’s a one time use, and not a pulse, hard to decide when to use it.


I recall @timballs on a podcast saying there would be some scoring feature activated by the right inlane but only from a ball that had been magna saved. Maybe the magna save is better used for that than an actual ball save?


Sounds like a trap on the left flipper, hit center button, shatz right inlane, then whatever else combo :call_me_hand:t2:


Can the magnet grab it when it drops from the ramp?