Stern Jurassic Park Rulesheet

Ah. I’m totally in tournament mode. And that is great because it’ll be the easy multiball when not in tournament mode.

So…how do T-Rex modes work/progress in tournament mode?

is there any reason at all to short plunge? it seems like if the ball doesn’t successfully make it up the loop onto the ramp, then you’re just outta control no matter what. On the Pro model on location here, it seems like full plunging makes it up the loop only about half the time, but using the lock-bar button to auto-plunge makes it up the loop almost every time. Do you ever need use the physical plunger? is it different on the Premium or LE?

There is a Super Secret Skillshot that starts with a short plunge. I don’t know details about what to shoot after that.

I had a feeling that might be the case, but yeah, no idea what the shot is

Target behind the pops. 10M + 3 second ball save

I should probably read the original post closer next time, sorry guys! dont know how I missed the part about the super skill shot

Random mode displayed. You can change the mode by shooting the truck


Thank you everyone for the recent contributions! I’ve only watched the stream and have never played it yet, so my knowledge of the rules/strategy is still early.

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I have nearly all of the Paddock Mode info in there.

But not going to get to play the game for a few days, so I’ll back off for a bit. :slight_smile:

I did notice one of the T-Rex modes has the wrong title at the top when you’re in it. I believe it’s either Encounter or Chase…it’s shows the correct title and instructions at the start, but then when you’re in the mode, it shows the title of the other at the top of the screen.

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My dad played a Pro up in Boston and liked it, looking forward to playing it in Chicago (probably at Expo). Looking forward to plunging my first ball on this game.

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Compy trait: can’t be slowed

Top right is Raptor. Trait- there are two of them out there at once. Perk- 2x raptor jackpots

Each DNA combo boosts all combo values


I like the pops add a ball idea. I also like the slot machine thing that was done with them in GoT and GB. On a lot of games it just feels like they’re there only to inject randomness.

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Soft plunge -> C = 6M Secret Skill Shot + 3 second ball save

Something builds spinner value then you get one rip before it resets. I like the return of this rule from the classic Stern era.

I had a short plunge go through the left inlane, and then I hit the C. Still gave me the secret skillshot.

Finally got some time to play a few games on this. A lot of fun to play and to shoot!

What qualifies the “Lite Escape” standup on the left? It starts blinking, on a timer. And if you don’t hit it in time, then your opportunity to light your Escape goes away.

I think hitting it a certain number of times starts it blinking, then hitting it while blinking lights it on the outline. I believe 2X playfield works the same way,

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I believe there are ways to qualify light escape other than hitting it directly. Not sure what, but I know I’ve seen it. Assuming Supply Drop, but I bet there could be other ways

There is only one way… and it’s none of those :wink:

The rollover above pops


Here is the exact rule as written

Escape outlane ball save

Pops enter switch lights Escape target for N seconds. (timer is paused while ball in pops) Each time Escape is lit N decreases by Y.

Default N=20 seconds (adjustments 10-30)

Default Y = 4 (adjustments 0 to 6)

Floor = 6 seconds (adjust 3 to 10)


Is pops enter switch mean when you shoot the right orbit with the truck facing right? And also from a dribbled spinner shot? How do you light 2x ?