Stern Insider Connected

I’d cancel until that stuff actually starts happening.

But the track record was so solid.

It’s a year subscription running out in October. Kinda moot at this point.

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No forum as of yet. You get exclusive videos and podcast (for the first 24-48 hours when they are released). You also get some sort of item for the year. This year it was a Coin. These are the only things I can think of that you get for $39.99.
Is it worth it? No, no it’s not. Save your money.

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Can confirm this is the case above - also seems to kill SIC on all the modded code versions.

Also confirm you don’t need a reader on all games to make home work; just a usb wireless adaptor and a 32G memory stick and one game with a reader - hope Stern turn this into a proper feature, will save many resources from our ailing planet and gives Stern some green credentials!

I use Scorbit for tournaments and all my games (JJP. Spooky, Bally, Stern electronics, WPC and Stern SAM even!) have Scorbit. I don’t understand why Stern is making it difficult to run, when we started building the Internet had we acted like this it would not exist for SIC to be a thing! I’m sure there must be a good reason but I can’t figure it out.