Stern Insider Connected

It would be humorous if the madness mode ended the moment the wifi dropped or ethernet was unplugged, but I bet the check is made at game start and mode enabled/disabled at that time.


Happened again today. Only played one game (3b) and IC didn’t recognize it. Did recognize the games I played on Rush (same wifi). I’m wondering if it might be because I’m getting high scores (on the game) and changing my default initials because they weren’t GC scores. Don’t think I got high scores on the game when I got my first few leader board worthy scores, so no initials to change.

anyone else have games falling off the network and require a reboot or complete reconfig to restore?

I’ve also seen some of the USB wifi dongles die also (the startech ones?)


Hmm, I had a leaderboard score not take recently as well. And I recently changed initials too. So it’s possible you’re onto something.

Ongoing leaderboards for all supported games would be appreciated.

Pindigo for example

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So I ran leaderboards for July, on all 4 connected games at one of our locations, and only 1 of the 4 games has results now that the end time has passed. 3 games appear to be totally wiped from the system. I hate to complain, but this Insider Connected stuff continues to be incredibly frustrating to me, as an operator.

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Just today, Stern announced that they’re rolling out a couple new features:

  • You can now save a virtual ID card to your phone’s wallet app for convenience’s sake.
  • “Home Team” allows a machine to remember up to 8 specific Insider Connected accounts, letting owners play without needing to log in every session. (It’ll also temporarily remember guests logging into these machines.)

It’s not much, but it’s something. (Also, every compatible game got a code update to add Home Team functionality, among other things.)

The press release has a couple other tidbits worth mentioning:

  • IC has “over 43,000 users” and “more than 11,000 connected machines.” I’m not experienced with tech enough to know whether this is a good adoption rate or not, but to me it seems a bit low.
  • Near the end, Stern notes that “our new machine updates will notify users if any third party code modifications are identified that may put data at risk.” I don’t know if this is new at all, but according to a Pinside post from NeilMcRae, using modded code disables Insider Connected entirely.

Anyone feel like they got their $40 dollar worth for being a premium subscriber?

And I still can’t set the time of day in my connected account to something that makes even remotely any sense for me, on the US west coast.

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The million dollar question is how many active users they have. It’s one thing to convince someone to sign up. It’s another to have someone use the service on a regular basis.


I would answer this but the answer may Incriminate me

This tracks and it’s pretty much standard. Another example I can think off the top of my head are video games that disable achievements with mods loaded or Source games that disable achievements when sv_cheats is set to 1 (on).

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Anyone know if this was ever addressed? Curious how many of the 43,000 are duplicates.

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I’m really curious. It was promoted to have exclusives, but what are they? Have they created a forum for premium members or given early access for new games?

There are not enough facepalm emoji in the world for that kind of setup :man_facepalming: :person_facepalming: :woman_facepalming:


Search isn’t case sensitive now. I suspect login isn’t either (not password) but didn’t try. I would hope once a username is in use, nobody else can use the same username with different capital letters.

I got a T-shirt (for the first $40 they got from me, not the second)

Have you been given early access to new releases or invite to exclusive forum threads?

The forums don’t exist yet. Didn’t know the early access to new releases was a thing. I thought we just got early access to podcasts episodes.

Most of what’s supposed to be included has never been implemented. I assume we get the next year for free.

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